My Advent Calendar story

When I was a child Christmas wasn’t that big of a deal in my family. Yes, we put up the Christmas tree and my mum baked a lot of cakes but somehow it was my birthday that stole the show or the fact that I got presents for St.Nicholas Day (6th December). Yes, I was born in the week before Christmas so I rarely got double presents (it was usually just birthday gifts and not birthday and Christmas presents). However, I always got sweets&chocolates for St.Nicholas Day. And a decorative twig (rod) from Krampus so that I continue to behave well.

Things have changed since my childhood and now I get double presents (for my birthday and for Christmas but not anymore for St.Nicholas Day ). I have always wanted a chocolate Advent calendar but I got it maybe once or twice when I was a child and then I became a teenager and I didn’t want to be bothered anymore with those childish Christmas traditions. So, when I finally moved out I bought myself a simple, cheap milk chocolate Advent calendar. I was pleased as punch with myself!I waited anxiously for the first of December to arrive so that I could open the first window on my advent calendar and eat the first chocolate. When I felt especially magnanimous I shared the chocolate with my boyfriend. But that wasn’t very often :). Anyway, it requires a certain strength of the character to open one window /chocolate at the time for 24 days, don’t you think so?

mug from last year's Christmas market in Vienna, Austria

mug from last year’s Christmas market in Vienna, Austria

On Sunday I went shopping for this year’s Advent calendar. I decided to splurge a bit and not get the most simple milk chocolate calendar. I was standing in front of the shelf with the advent calendars discussing out loud the pros&cons of each of them with my husband when a lady approached me and said :˝ It doesn’t really matter which one you get. It’s not as if they are going to let you try it!˝My husband burst out in laughter and I blushed. That lady must have thought that I was buying an advent calendar for a child and not for myself :). I had trouble deciding which one to get, I was torn between Lindt & Milka & Ritter sport chocolate calendar. In the end I opted for the Ritter sport chocolate advent calendar because I really like those chocolates even though I rarely buy them.

my Advent calendar

my Advent calendar






This morning I got the first chocolate. It had a snowflake on the wrapping and it was so delicious. It was chocolate with biscuit. I’ve got lots of more flavours to look forward to such as hazelnut, marzipan, honey etc. I wonder what I’ll get on the last day?

So do you buy a chocolate advent calendar?
This post is written for the festive travel link up by Kelly Michelle, Emma, Rebecca and Ayla

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ps. I’m travelling soon to Vienna 🙂


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