Pregnancy update: It’s a boy!

bought it last year in London when I even didn’t know whether we’ll finally get to have a baby:) this t-shirt is for 1-2yr, can’t wait to see my boy wearing it:)

I thought I might share with you my baby news. Recently I had an ultrasound and we finally found out that we’re expecting a baby boy 🙂 My husband was over the moon. He was rooting for a boy so much that we only came up with a boy’s name and we have no clue whatsoever about a girl’s name. Don’t get me wrong, the most important thing is that the baby is healthy. We’d have been equally happy if the doctor told us it was a girl but as it turned out we got our wish. Perhaps, we won’t be so happy when he becomes an angry teenager with the love of motorbikes but for now..

I’m so looking forward to meeting my baby boy. It seems like this pregnancy is lasting forever! On the other hand I’m already in 23rd week (almost 6 months). I’m feeling all right, mostly. I don’t work since the start of the pregnancy so I just busy myself with the housework and friends and this blog (occasionally). And beach! I’ve been to  the beach a couple of times and even though I enjoy swimming I can’t spend too much time in the sun now. I’ve found the heat and the humidity of the past week a bit overwhelming. I’m glad I don’t have to give birth during the summer!

from Nice, France 🙂

My biggest pat peeve so far is the clothes! I can’t fit into majority of my usual clothes and all the maternity clothes here is either ugly or expensive or both! I’ll probably spend the entire summer in two/three dresses! Also, I don’t really appreciate questions such as: How much weight did you put on? Or, your baby bump is big for this period? You still don’t know the baby’s sex, why not? (got the answer for that one now!) Whaaaat?? Luckily, so far I didn’t have to protect my baby bump from all the touching and feeling that some people consider normal even if they don’t know mum-to-be so well!

Most of the time I’m feeling like my old self. I’m happy that I’m pregnant but it doesn’t mean that I have to be ecstatic about it every single day. Sometimes the hormones get to me and I feel too emotional and wired (my husband would say that’s just my normal behaviour!). There are some constraints to my pregnancy like not trying out the new career just yet (passed the exam for the tourist guide) or not travelling but we both agreed that at the time being the health and well-being of me & my baby is more important and that other things can wait. After all, we’ve waited for this baby for so long that now he just has to be the priority even though he isn’t born yet. Sometimes I’m already planning our baby’s first  trip abroad 🙂


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