What Makes A Vacation Truly Worth It?

Photo from Pexels

When it comes to choosing a vacation, figuring out the purpose of your intent is relatively easy to do. Different people head on vacation for different reasons. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to go about doing this, but there are things you can do that make your investment a little more worthwhile. But then, the question arises: what makes a vacation truly worth it?  We’d argue the following:


When you head to a new culture, your primary intent should be to learn a little about it. After all, heading to a location only for the weather is a relatively shallow way to go about things. You are free to invest in vacations and experience them how you like, of course, but if you make a little effort to sample the cuisine, meet the people, and learn a little of the history, the vacation becomes more of a full experience and you will feel a little more connected in the world you inhabit while there. Not only that, but you come back with some real, tangible, practical knowledge about the world you can share. It’s one thing to read about a country on Google, it’s quite another to see it for yourself. This kind of wisdom only comes through experience, and you’re sure to find plenty of it with this attitude.


Our daily lives can often be quite intense. This means that finding the best way to relax while on vacation might be a real priority for you. However, you will only enjoy this if you can truly figure out what activities to participate in. We’d recommend trying Yoga through TantraYogaThailand.com, heading for long walks such as replicating long pilgrimage walks, or simply heading to an environment such as Sweden or Japan that promotes beautiful and deep massages. Peace also comes through the people you visit with and the memories you share.


Heading on vacation with someone is not a simple act. It’s a very intimate thing to do, as you are finding time to share learning about the world with someone. When you craft memories in this way, the world becomes much more engaging, and you learn more. After all, two heads are better than one. You might also be tempted to be that little more adventurous when you’re travelling with someone. After all, your tastes are likely not always the same, and so ensuring you experiment and maybe trying new things is much easier when you have someone to back you up. Coming home and sharing the experience you have crafted with someone is so much more enjoyable than simply recounting your solo experiences, although of course there is value in that too.

New horizons can mean everything for a vacation. After all, sunbathing in your garden is practically the same thing as sunbathing on a beach. It’s the culture, peace, social engagement and overall range of experiences you find in a vacation that makes it worth it. So, for your next trip out, be sure to prioritize these things. You’ll be very happy you did.


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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