Holiday Clothes Every Man will Love

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One of the nice things about going on holiday is that it prompts you to buy some new clothes. An awful lot of us do not pay enough attention to our appearance. We get busy, so tend not to go out shopping and end up wearing the same old things again and again. Knowing that you are going away changes all that. It gets you up out of the chair and makes you freshen up your wardrobe a bit.

This is the case for men as well as women. So, today, I am going to talk about the latest menswear fashions. In particular, clothing that is ideal for a holiday or traveling.

Hawaiian shirts

These are fun, zany, loose-fitting and comfortable. They look good whether you wear them with jeans, trousers, chinos or shorts. Plus, Hawaiian shirts aren’t just for your holiday. You can easily carry on wearing them when you get home, especially, if you tap into this year’s trend of wearing white trousers.  An Aloha shirt looks great worn with light-colored linen trousers or shorts, both of which are ideal for wearing on holiday.

quite nice shirt

Stripy t-shirts

T-shirts are another essential, largely because they are versatile items of clothing. On warm days you can wear them for any activity. If it gets a bit colder, they can easily double up as a vest. Right now, there are lots of stripy t-shirts out there, all part of the back to the 90s movement that is so big in men’s fashion, at the moment.

Tie-dyed clothes

If stripes are not for you, take a look at tie-dyed t-shirts instead. They look particularly good when worn with plain trousers, jeans or shorts.

Cargo shorts

When traveling you need clothes with pockets. Having things like your passport, currency, phone and hotel key close at hand is essential. One of the biggest men’s summer fashion trends is cargo shorts.

useful holiday shorts

White trousers

If you own a white suit, consider packing the trousers and taking them with you for your holidays.

Hiking sandals

Keeping your feet comfortable is important. When you are away the chances are you will spend a lot more time on your feet than you normally do. So whatever footwear you pack has to be comfortable. One of the biggest footwear trends for 2019 is hiking sandals. The fact that you can adjust the straps at the back as well as the front means you can achieve a perfect fit. As the day wears on and your feet swell slightly you can loosen them off.

practical for long walks

A decent jacket

For the evenings and chilly days, you need a jacket. Try to select one that is lightweight enough to pack into your case should the need arise. If it is not waterproof, use these instructions to spray it with a product that will make it water-resistant.

More packing tips

Hopefully, you will find the above suggestions useful. If you would like to read more packing related articles you can do so by clicking this link.


Disclaimer: This is a collaboration post.


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