Baby no.2 : It’s a girl

Last week just before the Easter weekend I had a check-up. It’s been almost two months since my last ultrasound scan so this check-up was eagerly awaited. It was that all important 20 week check-up but it also meant that we could find out the baby’s gender if it chooses to reveal it 🙂 Honestly, it seemed that everyone else was more excited than me about the possibility of the revelation of the baby’s gender. For me, the more important thing was to see the baby move and to see that everything is all right (as far as these scans can show). Actually, just a few days before the doctor’s appointment I felt the baby move for the first time. Yes, it was there 🙂 As usually there was a long wait at the doctor’s and we were even instructed to go for a coffee break and to come back in an hour or so, so we had a quick lunch and got back and then waited for an hour before we were finally called. The ultrasound scan showed that everything was indeed all right and we found out the baby’s gender too. It’s a GIRL! 🙂 I knew it!:) I had this gut feeling and it wasn’t wrong. I guessed it just like I did the first time too:) I’m happy the baby is a girl. I’d be equally happy if it were a boy because then I’d have two cute rascals:) But now I get to raise a gutsy little princess 🙂

But we have a blue child’s room and lots of blue clothes so…I think blue will be her favourite colour 🙂 🙂 On the one hand, I think it’d be easier to raise two boys. Maybe I’m wrong but I feel like the world is still a more dangerous place for little girls and women than boys and men. And as a parent that scares me. Naturally, we’ll do our best to raise our children to be strong, happy, kind people.

I can’t imagine my toddler all grown up yet and now he’ll get to share his childhood with a younger sister. It’s going to be wonderful. And very, very tiring. Someone recently told my husband that as long as you survive the first three years you’ll be fine, your children will be best friends (that person also has kids with just two years difference). So, time will tell!

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  1. Congrats with your little princess, I have 2 boys as well and I love my boys to death, but being honest I still resent the fact that I decided to not try again afraid that it will be another boy, I miss having a BFF, the world is indeed more dangerous for girls and women indeed but that can change if you are the best mother she could ever have, so don’t worry she is going to be alright, I’ll leave the link to my blog here, there you’ll find useful info about pregnancy and the baby development and Ultrasounds weekly, see you

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