Life & blog update: January 2020

one sunny Saturday in Kostrena, Croatia

Life & blog update: January 2020…was a slow month. A beginning of a new year, a new decade but ultimately it was quite a boring month compared to December. Though, we had a great New Year’s party with a couple of friends playing board games.

Again, for the most part of the month our household fought unsuccessfully with various children’s illnesses. At one point I felt very low and full of self-pity. When will this end? The toddler gets sick (because he has to get used to the germs at the daycare), then we all get sick and the baby girl coughs often too. We had to cancel many plans for outings and had to stay in instead. But we are all healthy and to moan about this is so wrong when there are people who deal with real health issues in their lives.

There was one sunny and warm Saturday when we went to the beach. Of course, we also managed to have a couple of board game nights and I met up with my best friend who came home for holidays so it wasn’t all boring after all.

I finally went to see a chiropractor and had a back massage too because of my back pain. I really should start exercising but I just can’t make time for that. I’d rather eat (yeah, when you breastfeed a baby you’re actually more hungry than when you’re pregnant, or that’s just me). Talking about baby girl is getting interested in food. The way she looks at me when I eat 😂. She’s almost five months old so I’ll probably introduce solid food within a month. And she wants to grab everything within her reach. She simply beams with delight when she sees her older brother but he’s still quite jealous. He’s become quite a chatterbox. It’s very amusing to hear him talk.

I didn’t blog as much as I’d wanted but I’ve finally started to write a post I’ve been meaning to write for almost two years!! You’ll see soon what it is (a proper travel post). I’ve recently read an excellent article on SEO so I checked a couple of my posts on Google and saw that my post Visiting a chocolate factory is ranked #2 when you type in visiting a chocolate factory. Unbelievable! My post How many times have You visited London? is actually #1 but I don’t get traffic every day with that post as I do with the chocolate factory post. Most of my other posts are way down on any search engine. I guess I was quite naive when I started blogging and never thought about SEO. I just wanted to write about my travels. I’d need a lot of time to learn about SEO but maybe I could try and implement at least a couple of techniques for some future travel posts. What about you? Are you SEO proficient?


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