Life & blog update: March 2020

out&about with my baby girl at the beginning of March

Life & blog update: March 2020…what to say? You know what, I’ll write about corona virus and our life in lock-down in a separate post. Here I’ll write only about the first part of March when everything still had some semblance of normality.

We managed to have a couple of board game nights with our friends. We had several play-dates with our friend’s kids. My husband made some beer with his cousin (they have done that before too, their beer is all right). We went to the beach several times. We saw the grandparents. Our toddler had fun at the kindergarten. I managed to go on a friend’s birthday lunch and went out for a walk by myself. How all this seems surreal now!

My baby girl turned 6 months old in March and I blogged about her. We went to meet my friend in a cafe in the city center and that was the first time that we went to a cafe without the rest of our family. She’s growing all the time. Call me a bad mum if you want but I finally got to see her turn from back to tummy (previously something or someone else distracted me and I’d just find her in a different position). She’s reaching out to grab toys when she’s on her tummy and moving her legs and arms but she’s not crawling yet. She likes to eat (it seems that enjoying good food runs in our family, even our cat eats loads 🙂 ). Unfortunately, since her brother’s at home due to corona virus (all kindergartens and schools closed in mid March) she can’t sleep during the day because he keeps waking her up. She’s teething and I’m looking forward to her first tooth because then she won’t be in so much pain anymore. 

Our toddler is being rather sweet towards his baby sister and wants to hold her. It’s funny how he imitates me… from the expressions I use to the movements I make. It was hilarious when I heard him use one swear word that sometimes slips off my tongue ( I know I shouldn’t use that kind of language around children ). He certainly shouldn’t use swear words so I reprimanded him when he used it again, I told him, that’s a bad word and mummy shouldn’t use it either. My husband cut off his fringes too much and now our soon looks again like me when I was 2 or 3 years old (yup, I looked like a blonde boy then).

I published 4 posts last month. I don’t know whether I’ll write about travel soon. We definitely aren’t going anywhere soon ( literally can’t leave the boundaries of our town due to corona virus restrictions). 


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How was your March before this pandemic?


Have a great April! (as much as you can considering the circumstances)

Stay safe! Stay at home!






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