Life & blog update: May 2020

one of the pretty houses that we saw on our day trip to Istria region

Life & blog update: May……was a month of the end of the lockdown. Finally, almost all the restrictions were lifted in three phases. A new normality, as they said. By the end of the month, everything looked and felt more or less normal, you just had to disinfect your hands wherever you went.

I missed my friends so much. I can’t describe exactly how I felt when we finally got to see our friends and when our boy finally got to play with other children. After almost two months of feeling more or less anxious, frustrated and powerless (just to name a few of my feelings during the lockdown) I finally felt normal, I dare say, even happy. Our first outing to the beach after it was officially allowed to actually spend more time outside was a strange affair. It was a nice Sunday and I must confess seeing that many people in the same place made me feel uneasy. Nevertheless, we all enjoyed ourselves very much. I felt a bit wary at our first children’s birthday party after the lockdown too. I was uncomfortable with the idea of shaking hands with complete strangers but most people there didn’t share my feelings despite the still ongoing corona virus threat.

We weren’t allowed to leave our town without a permit during the lockdown so it felt extra special when the restriction of movement was nullified and we were able to go to our summer house. Furthermore, we even went on a day trip to the smallest town in the world- Hum in Istria (Croatia) on the last Saturday in May. It was my baby girl’s first proper day trip. I will blog about it eventually. Suffice to say, we had a great day out.

For some reason, once things began to look normal again I decided to try out a few new recipes for desserts with strawberries. I didn’t really bake much during the actual lockdown (or read, or watch TV or blog). I’ve made a big change at the end of the month. I got a short haircut. I felt like I needed a change. And the easiest change you can make in your life is to have a different haircut. Right? 🙂 There are some ideas for major life changes for fall but….

My baby girl has two teeth now. And she’s super fast on her butt. 🙂 Yes, you read that right. She’s using the bottom scooter type of crawling. My mum said I used that similar technique when I was a baby. Our boy used the classic hands-and-knees or cross crawl. Do they get along now? Well, they can play alongside but if she grabs any toy (and all toys are his, do I need to stress that out?;)) he grabs it from her and pushes her. But she’s already started to grab toys from his hands too, so, yeah, my baby girl is a fighter. Unfortunately, my boy couldn’t go back to the daycare straight away when they opened it (because I am on maternity leave and it was emphasized that only parents who have to go back to work and who don’t have any other options, what options??, can send their children to daycare ). However, after two weeks they changed that rule because of the better corona situation so he rejoined his daycare center.

Blogging, oh, yes. At the moment of posting this I have a bunch of ideas for new blog posts and two day trips to write about but when will those blog posts see the light of the day (aka your screen) I don’t know. Bear with me, please.

How are you? Are you out and about? Or are you still at home? Will you travel at all this year?

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Have a great June!



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  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better, Tanja! it’s great that you’ve been able to get out, too. things still feel strange here; we don’t have any plans to go anywhere and really, the only place i go is the grocery store. i haven’t been keeping up with my own blog, but hopefully i’ll get back to it. my husband, kevin, did go to an outdoor restaurant but i was concerned because his waitress didn’t wear a mask. at least we’re fortunate to be able to stay home, and there is always plenty to do in the yard, which is always a good experience.


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