Life & blog update: June 2020

We have visited Zagreb Zoo in June

Life & blog update: June...was another month of contrast. So full of promise at the beginning of the month and then again everything changed. The highlight of June was most definitely our family visit to the ZOO in Zagreb. It was a proper day trip with our two kids and another family. I’ll blog about our ZOO visit. I just don’t know when. I was am seriously considering to quit blogging for the time being. I just don’t feel inspired or motivated at all to blog. Furthermore, Covid-19 means that we probably won’t travel abroad this year at all. And I just find it so hard to write about our local adventures since this blog was primarily set up to share my London adventures and my travels around Europe. Of course, my blog has changed over the years and now you can find some Croatia posts too (not too many though).

My boy finally went back to the daycare after being at home for almost two months. His (and our) joy didn’t last long though because he got chickenpox! Then, my baby girl got it from him too which meant again that we couldn’t see our friends. However, just before the chickenpox situation we managed to attend two kids’ birthdays. We bought our son a kids’ scooter and he’s been riding it like a pro 🙂 My baby girl has two teeth now and she’s a fast crawler. She tried swimming in the sea for the first time in her life. Her 9 month check up was cancelled because of chickenpox. What else? We finally finished playing Charterstone game. It was my first legacy game. We had a very fun night out with friends. We went bowling and I did quite well (I was better than my husband!! 🙂 ). My best friend received some amazing news. I’m so happy that she’ll be closer to me (she has lived in China in the past few years). One of my friends gave birth to a baby girl. I don’t know when we’ll be able to see her and the baby considering the current corona virus situation here.

Corona virus situation in Croatia changed quickly after the borders were opened, as expected. From zero cases to almost a hundred new cases per day. It’s not just the free flow of people that changed our health situation but the general attitude too. People abandoned safety precautions too quickly, in my opinion. It seems there is no life after corona, but just life with corona for the foreseeable future. For how long? Nobody knows…

I’ll end on a positive note, I have read a book in June! And another one in July so far!

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Have a great July!



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  1. I know that many bloggers, especially travel bloggers are shutting down their blogs for a while. I notice blog visits are dropping off too. I never thought I would be thinking about changing what I write about or questioning the purpose of my blog, as writing is cathartic for me. I think a jump in cases after the border opens is something that has happened in a few places and now we have a second wave of cases down south because of just that. Still, we are in this for a few years. I have enjoyed finding your blog after your visit to mine. I love travelling in Europe so I will enjoy reading some of your archives – which is where my travelling focus has been lately.

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  2. I find blogging challenging too these days. I guess we all need to adapt, take different photos, tell different stories.
    Make sure you stay around no matter what, ok?
    Love from France xxx

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  3. I hope you’re hanging in there, tanja! i, too, find it hard to get the energy to post on my site. It’s interesting that you say people there abandoned safety precautions too quickly; i thought that was mostly just happening here in the US. Whew, it can be challenging to find positive things these days. i do enjoy spending time outside, when the heat isn’t blistering.

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  4. That first picutre, you seemed really close to the lionese, got me to worry a bit. I’ve been slacking on my blog updates as well. But do continue to write, some of us haven’t been to Zagreb and we would love to read about it 🙂 Take care and let’s wait this out. Hopefully we will able to travel soon.

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