Life & blog update: November 2020

Life & blog update: November 2020
my three year old son

Life & blog update: November 2020… was a difficult month. Just two days before his 3rd birthday, my son had an accident at home. He ran, as he usually does, but this time when he tripped and fell down he managed to knock out his third upper tooth completely. He spat out the whole tooth with the root. There was so much blood. We called his dentist immediately (luckily she’s my husband’s parents acquaintance and lives down our street) and she came quickly. His two other front teeth were wobbly but there was nothing to do really. He couldn’t eat solid food the next day and we had to be very careful with food for the next two weeks. He still has those two other teeth that were wobbly. Of course, this did not teach my son to be still, he continues to be an active three year old. Then, we had another health scare. I woke him up one night so that he could go to the bathroom and his voice sounded very strange as if something was stuck in his throat. My son said he had a hair in his mouth and he seemed to struggle to breathe/speak properly. My husband took him to the children’s hospital and luckily it wasn’t anything serious. He just had a croup. However, this wasn’t our last health issue with our son the past month. In the last week of November we got a phone call from the daycare. That dreaded corona virus phone call. His group was in contact with a person with confirmed corona virus so the entire group had to go home and be in self-isolation. So, we were at home. I’m happy to say that my son and the rest of his group from the daycare are healthy and didn’t get corona virus. He’s now back at the daycare again. This was a long paragraph, moving onto to a happier paragraph.

As I’ve mentioned before, my son turned 3 last month. He’s a true Scorpio, so much character and will in a small child. We had a lovely, small, birthday party but the important thing is that my son enjoyed himself and loved all the birthday gifts he got. We also went twice to the children’s puppet theatre. And we’ve visited the Balthazar exhibition at the museum. It was great, lots of fun for the kids plus a big free ice-cream at the end.

My daughter has started to walk independently. Yay! She’s more and more confident so I hope that she will walk all the time by Christmas. We still didn’t do professional photo shooting with her as we did with our son when he was one year old. I wanted to wait until she can stand and walk and now with this situation I’m not sure when we’ll be able to do that.

As it turned out, I need to eat my words. I wrote in October’s life &blog update post that it doesn’t seem like we are going to have another lockdown. I was wrong!!! It was activated at the end of November and it’s on until 21 December so all the Christmas markets have been cancelled. 😦 😦

November was another great month blog wise. Emma asked me to co-host again her monthly Travel Link Up with the topic Home (link for post is below). I was thinking, maybe I could launch a linkup in 2021?? Would you be interested? Honestly, this idea just popped in my head as I am writing this.

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Have a great December!



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  1. some of lifes earliest lessons are the hardest. what are these travel link ups? I know you mentioned them before but somehow it passed me by… sorry…. hope lockdown isnt too hard on you. its was bad here. but i guess we havent had a new case in Victoria for 6 weeks.

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  2. Good to hear that your son has more-or-less recovered from the accident, as well as is safe and at home, away from COVID-19. These are tough times, indeed, but it appears you’re holding up well with handling everything that’s thrown your way; that’s something to be proud of! A linkup for blogging sounds like a fantastic idea; I’d be keen on seeing it! Stay safe, Tanja. 🙂

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