I dream of…..travelling!

Dunluce Castle in Ireland  source of photo

I dream of…travelling. I am a dreamer. There, I said it. My head is often in the clouds but I have noticed lately that my feet are actually firmly planted on the ground. I guess I have become an adult. I still travel and I still plan new trips but maybe it’s my 33rd birthday fast approaching or my husband’s rational voice in my ear saying ..wait, maybe I should save some money, not to go on a trip but to actually save it for the rainy days. However, there are still lots of places I dream of visiting. And I’m sure I will continue to travel but perhaps I won’t fulfill all my travelling dreams. Shocking?! Perhaps, but very true. After all, if you do accomplish all your dreams, what’s left to do?

So, some of my dream destinations are within easy reach. It’s not that expensive to visit them and they aren’t that far away. However, other places are actually the stuff dreams are made of…visiting those places would mean years and years of saving up and missing out on other fun things perhaps. Are they worth it? Maybe yes, maybe not; I’m not sure. Yet.

What are the places I want to visit? I have several lists. One is very doable and I’ll probably travel to those places sooner or later. Another list is a real dream list.

My realistic list

Germany: yes, not that far away but I still haven’t made it to big old Deutschland. I’m not particularly interested in Berlin. Bavaria is my favourite German region! I’d love to travel to Munchen and admire the Neuschwanstein castle!

Ireland: specifically Dublin, but I’d love to do a road trip across the whole country too!

Amsterdam: both my husband and my best friend have visited it so I find it hard to persuade them to go back, but this time with me! I’d love to do a canal boat ride.

Krakow, Poland: this is a new entry on this list. I’ve seen so many gorgeous blog posts about it

Copenhagen: I think it’s only fair that after visiting Oslo and Stockholm I should visit this Scandinavian beauty too!🙂

Santorini, Greece : I’ve done a fair share of travelling around Greece but Santorini is something I’d love to do one day

(semi-realistic entry) Switzerland : I’m a chocholic, what else to say?

If you haven’t noticed, all of these places are in Europe. Unfortunately travelling across the Atlantic (or any other ocean) despite more accessible air fares is still a challenge for someone who doesn’t have a proper full-time job but does a lot of temp and freelance work. There are more places on the above list but these are really the ones I want to visit first. And don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the UK. It deserves a separate list:) And a separate blog post!

My dream list

New York City: Ideally I’d spend 10 days wandering and shopping around NYC with my best friend

USA: I’d like to visit San Francisco, Washington DC and smaller towns in New England region

Canada: Quebec City would be my first port of call , then Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver

New Zealand : it’s so so so far away from my small country. But I hear it’s beautiful!

Australia: Sydney and koalas🙂

Argentina : a land of tango! I actually have some distant family members there

Egypt: I’d love to see Cairo and the pyramids

Iceland: a new entry on this list!

And a few tropical island states should be on this list but only If I win the lottery! I don’t want to spend that much money just to be on the beach!I’ve got palm trees and clear sea in Croatia too!:)

I dream of …travelling

So what do you think of my lists? What places are on your realistic list? What about your dream list?

New York
New York, photo from the internet, can’t find the source

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My second Sunshine Blogger Award

I was nominated recently for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Sarah from Kiwi on the loose blog! Thank you Sarah! She is equally crazy about London like me and she’s preparing currently for her big England trip next year. Head to her blog and read all about it!

This is my second sunshine blogger award :) I’m happy that other bloggers find my little travel blog interesting.


Thank the person that nominated you

Answer the questions from your nominator

Nominate fellow bloggers you follow.

Give them 10 questions to answer.


Sarah’s questions for me

If you could have dinner with someone dead or alive, who would it be?

It would be my granny for sure. I still miss her.

What is one thing you can’t live without?


What is your favourite season and why?

I used to think that summer was my favourite season but now I’m not sure anymore. I enjoy swimming but as I grew older I started to feel annoyed by too much heat. Maybe I don’t have a favourite season but a favourite weather: sunny& crisp🙂

Do you have any party tricks?

No, not really. But I’m a good dancer, does that count?

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porticos in Bologna

What’s your favourite Italian city?


Falling in love is a mysterious process over which we do not have any control. Whether you fall in love with a person, an animal, a book or a city it’s very difficult to explain what was it that attracted you in the first place. My faithful readers know how crazy I am about London but can you guess what’s my favourite Italian city?

I have been fortunate enough to have travelled widely around Italy. I got lost in Venice. I got annoyed by tourists in Florence. I ate chocolate in Turin. I wandered around Milan. I was surprised by Naples. I admired the Pantheon in Rome. And I’ve visited many many other Italian cities and villages. But there’s only one where I can imagine myself living. Only one that stole my heart all those years ago. That city is BOLOGNA. The city famous for its gastronomy and the red roofs and the oldest university in Europe (1088) and the leftist politics.

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Sky Garden, London

Sky Garden, London

Sky garden, London

Whenever I visit London I like to see some of my old favourites and I like to experience new  things. Luckily, there’s no shortage of new places and new experiences in London. When I saw everyone (by everyone I mean travel bloggers) raving about the new free views of London I knew I had to see it for myself on my next trip to London. Three years passed between my last two trips to London in the meantime. When I booked my flights for London four months ago I also investigated how to experience the best free views of London by visiting the Sky Garden.

About Sky Garden

The Sky Garden is located in one of the newest skyscrapers in City of London built in 2004. The address is 20 Fenchurch Street and the skyscraper has been lovingly nicknamed Walkie-Talkie. It’s 155 meters tall and the Sky Garden spans three storeys and offers 360° views of London. You can admire the views of London from several observation decks and from an open-air terrace where the use of a selfie-stick is prohibited. Sky Garden rightfully holds the claim of the highest public garden. If you get thirsty or hungry go to Sky Pod Bar or to City Garden Bar. There are also two restaurants: Fenchurch restaurant and Darwin Brasserie. If you want to have a meal at those restaurants then you should book in advance and you use a separate lift from the tourists who are just visiting the Sky Garden.

Sky garden at Fenchurch street 20


How to reach Sky Garden

The nearest tube station is the Monument. From there walk for a couple of minutes.

 How to visit Sky Garden

Even though the visit is free you need to book it in advance. You can usually do it up to two-three weeks in advance of your planned visit and you need to print out your booking confirmation and bring it with you for your visit. Also, you need to have your ID or your passport with you for your visit. Arrive around 10 minutes before your scheduled visit and wait in queue. Then you’ll walk through airport-like security and be prepared to have your bag searched. After that you’ll enter the express lift with the rest of the people and be at the Sky Garden in a matter of seconds. When you leave the lift, you have all the time you need to admire the views of London and maybe have a drink or eat something. There are also toilets. There are several guards who control whether visitors obey the rules eg. no food or drinks at the open air terrace and no selfie-sticks.

Sky Garden, London

at the Sky Garden, May 2016
at the Sky Garden, May 2016

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Rab town, Croatia

Discover Croatia: RAB

Rab, Croatia
Rab town

I’m starting a new blog series called Discover Croatia. I’ll show you that there’s more to see in Croatia than just Dubrovnik or Plitvice Lakes which are of course rather stunning🙂.

Recently I spent a few hours wandering around Rab town. I haven’t been on Rab island since my school trip when I was 14 which is a shame. It’s a wonderful island that deserves to be more known to travel bloggers and visitors alike.

about Rab

Rab island is situated in the northern Adriatic Sea and it is known as the ˝Island of Love˝. Why? Because the first nudist beach was opened in 1934 and since then Rab has been a world famous destination for all who enjoy to be stark naked on the beach. The most infamous guest of Rab was none other than the English king Edward VIII who also enjoyed some skinny dipping with his partner Wallis Simpson in 1936. There are many beautiful sandy and pebble beaches on island Rab which are frequented by swimsuit-wearing tourists as well. Besides its wonderful beaches Rab island also has one of the last remaining oak forests in the whole Mediterranean. A Geo-Park with interesting hiking trails has been founded too because of the island’s natural diversity. There are several small towns and villages on the island: the biggest is Rab town.

According to a legend the founder of the micro-state San Marino was born in Rab. Today there are still very friendly relations between the small Italian country and the Croatian island Rab. Rab is known as Arbe in Italian language and that name comes from the oldest inhabitants of Rab-the Liburnians. During the history Rab like the large part of the Croatian coast was under the Venetian rule for a period of time. A lot of people speak Italian in Rab but English is also widespread.

Rab town is easily recognized by its 4 church towers. A small historical center is full of old stone houses, churches, palm trees, cafes and restaurants. The biggest event in Rab’s calendar is the yearly Rab Medieval festival-Rapska Fjera. There’s also a renown music festival every summer Rapske glazbene večeri  (Rab nights). Foodies should visit Rab during the Eco Week festival (Eko Šetimana ). A very special souvenir from Rab is Rab Cake. Its main ingredients are almonds and Maraschino liqueur and it was first served in the twelfth century to Pope Alexander III.

What should you do in Rab? Wander its streets, have cocktails and dinner in the evening, take a speed-boat trip and find a secluded beach somewhere on the island, watch a movie in an open-air cinema, do some sports like cycling and just enjoy this rather beautiful small island town. If you’re into history and culture you can visit its numerous churches and climb the towers to see magnificent views of the town and the island.

Let me show you Rab town:

Rab town

one of the many old houses-entrance to the Middle Street
the main square-entrance to the old town
a small fortress
climbing the stairs to the Upper street

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Monthly Blog Overview:August 2016

Rab, Croatia
I need to write about Rab island, Croatia

What to say about August? It was hot. I went to the beach. I was bored. I got some bad news. Twice. I’m so happy that the summer is over. I wasn’t very active with my blog during the summer (on the other hand I did publish 9 posts in August so that’s not entirely true) but I did make several new changes. First of all, I opened a Google+ account so that you can follow my travels there too🙂 Then I finally purchased my domain name! I received nice sunglasses and wrote my first review. I was asked by lovely Tea from Tea was here blog to participate in her passport stamps post series. That post came out the other day. The biggest blog news of the last month was my FIRST bloggerversary! Honestly, I can’t believe that I’ve been blogging for a whole year. Keep calm and keep on blogging!🙂

So, in case you missed them..

Published posts in August

Beach snaps V – Cannes, France

GlassesShop Sunglasses Review -check my new cool red sunglasses

What has travel taught me?(#TravelLinkup) -my most popular post in over a year of blogging🙂

Beach snaps VI : Moščenićka Draga, Croatia

Beach snaps VII : Southwold, England

Bank of England Museum, London -an excellent free museum

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Museum of London

Museum of London

London is a vast, cosmopolitan and modern city but it has also got a very rich history. It is easy to forget this fact when you’re standing among the newest skyscrapers and high-rise buildings in the very heart of London: the City of London. But that history is actually quite present. You just need to know where to look. So the next time you’re walking down the busy streets of London look up or look down and you just might spot the London Stone for example. However, the easiest way to learn about the history of London is to visit the Museum of London which is close to the Barbican center and St Paul’s.

First impressions: After visiting the Sky garden I walked down the streets of London in the direction of the Museum of London. The building itself is modern but ugly I dare say. However, as you well know the looks aren’t important, it’s what’s inside that counts. The entrance is free which is great! I entered the museum and followed the suggested route to see all the permanent exhibitions.

remains of old city wall
remains of old city wall

What can you see in the museum? The museum was established in 1976 and there are currently plans to move the museum to a new location. According to Wikipedia the Museum of London houses the largest urban history collection in the world. The permanent exhibitions include: London before London (prehistory mainly), Roman London, Medieval London, War, Plague & Fire, Expanding City, People’s City gallery (there’s an actual red phone box!), World City, The City Gallery (very small) and the London 2012 Cauldron.

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