Sunday Photo: Christmas in Vienna

Christkindlmarkt at Rathaus platz (Christmas Market at the City Hall square), Vienna, 2016

I just love Christmas markets.

What about you? What are your favourite Christmas markets? I’ve been to Christmas markets in Austria, France, Budapest and in London.


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Monthly blog overview: October 2017

October. A month of waiting for the baby. My due date was end of October but the ultrasound scans showed earlier dates so I was led to believe that I might give birth a bit earlier (not prematurely but definitely before the 40th week). When did my baby boy arrive? Well, this is a scheduled post so I can’t tell you…I wasn’t into blogging much this month so I scheduled a couple of photo posts and a few collaborative posts. But I did read other blogs dutifully as usually 🙂

My best friend went to Hong Kong and China for a business visit because she’s actually moving there next year! Oh! I’ll miss her a lot 😦 But hopefully I’ll be able to visit her at some point during her stay in a city that’s got three times more inhabitants than our entire country 🙂

Do you celebrate Halloween? How was that like?

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Monthly Blog Overview: September 2017

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Sunday Photo: Lisbon

 Stepping Outside Of Your Comfort Zone When Traveling

4 Things You Must Organize Before International Travel

Throwback Thursday Photo: Stockholm 2016

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Stepping Outside Of Your Comfort Zone When Traveling

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 Have a happy November!




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Throwback Thursday Photo: Stockholm 2016

Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Stockholm, April 2016

These pretty houses are in the Old Town (Gamla Stan) of Stockholm. It was a cold April day when we explored cobbled alleys of beautiful Gamla Stan. I’m just sorry that I couldn’t convince my husband to do a boat tour of Stockholm’s canals but perhaps it really was a bit too cold for that (it even snowed for a while the next day!). We walked a lot, visited a couple of museums (including the magnificent Vasa museum) and had expensive meals not because we went to some fine dining restaurants but because Stockholm is pretty expensive. Nevertheless, I fell in love with Stockholm. It needs to be visited again:) To read more about my last year’s weekend trip to Stockholm check here and here.


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4 Things You Must Organize Before International Travel

Booking your flight and a place to stay is just one small part of preparing for an overseas vacation. Even the most experienced travelers overlook some of the most important parts of planning a trip. In order to get ready for your next adventure, check out these four things you must organize before international travel.

1. Get Your Paperwork in Order

Image via Flickr by Damian613

While researching destinations for your vacation abroad, be sure to check into the types of paperwork you’ll need for your trip. If you don’t already have a passport, you’ll need to apply for one right away. If you do have one, make sure it has at least six months remaining before it expires.

In addition to having a valid passport, you may need to apply for a visa, a process that can take several weeks and cost a lot of money. Many countries also charge entry and exit fees that can quickly add up. Factor paperwork into your plans, and be sure you have enough time and money to get it all in order before you head out to the airport.

2. Get a Checkup

Image via Flickr by USACE Europe District

It’s always a good idea to visit the doctor before heading overseas to make sure you’re in top shape and to get informed about any special medical requirements for your trip. In most cases, immunizations are optional, but you may need to prove you’ve been vaccinated against specific diseases, such as yellow fever, before entering certain countries.

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Stepping Outside Of Your Comfort Zone When Traveling

When it comes to learning about ourselves, travelling is one of the very best ways to do that, as is stepping outside of our comfort zones. Travel is all about experiencing new things and learning about yourself as well as the place that you are exploring. That’s why when it comes to travelling abroad, whether you are heading to France or somewhere a little further afield like Mumbai, it is important to step outside of your comfort zone every so often. Wondering why it’s important to step outside of your comfort zone while travelling? Read on to find out!

Source for photo

Challenging yourself aids performance

Travel plays a big part in personal growth – there is no getting away from that fact – which is why travelling is such a fantastic thing to spend your time doing. However, that being said, if when you travel you play it safe and do things that don’t require you to step outside of your comfort zone, the chances of your travel aiding your performance is low. To get anything from travelling, you need to be brave and do things that are new to you and require you to leave your comfort zones. For instance, say you love rock climbing, perhaps you could push yourself further and climb a mountain while you are travelling, such as Kilimanjaro. Are you wondering is Kilimanjaro climb difficult? Climbing any mountain is going to be difficult and make you step out of your comfort zone, but it is also an activity that will be incredibly worthwhile. It’s the kind of activity that will show you that you can do anything.

Taking risks helps us grow

Risk taking, when thought about carefully, can help us to grow. When you are travelling, sometimes you have to be willing to take calculated risks, to make the most of your time abroad and grow as a person. If you stay within your comfort zone relaxing and sunbathing while you are away, instead of exploring and trying new things, you won’t make the most of your time travelling. Be brave and do things that scare you, and as a result, you will grow as a person. If you stick to doing things that don’t scare you, you can’t expect to grow or change as a person.

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Sunday Photo: Lisbon


Lisbon, Sept 2014

It was a wonderful honeymoon exploring Portugal’s capital and a few other nearby towns. It’d be great to visit again Lisbon for some anniversary. To read more about our time in Lisbon check my old posts by starting here. 


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