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7 Things You Can Strike Off Your Bucket List By Visiting Europe

What’s on your bucket list? Everyone has different dreams and desires so every list will be unique. But one thing I’m sure of is there are dozens of things to do in Europe that are on many people’s bucket lists.

Here are 7 interesting things you can strike off your bucket list by visiting Europe.

#1. See the Northern Lights

The aurora borealis is a spectacular natural light display that may only be viewed from locations inside or near to the Arctic Circle. These polar lights are caused when solar wind disturbs the Earth’s magnetosphere.

Many people are fascinated by these light patterns in the sky, and photographs of this phenomenon have become popular. You can photograph this beautiful display if you grab your camera and travel to the northern areas of Iceland or Norway.

Tromsø is a city in the far north of Norway that lies inside the Arctic Circle. That means that every winter the city experiences 48 continuous days of night. During this time, the countryside surrounding Tromsø is an excellent location from which to observe and photograph those eerie lights in the night sky.

Image by Amund Bråthen from Pixabay

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4 of the best travel destinations for young families

Planning a holiday with children can be daunting. You need to keep them entertained and travel without trouble. Your destination needs to be safe, and there are so many things to take with you!

Here are four of the best places to travel as a young family. Could one of these be your next holiday destination?

  1. Paris

It’s every parent’s dream to take their child to a Disney theme park.

The Magic Kingdom park in Orlando, Florida, is the most popular theme park of all. In fact, almost 21 million people walked through the Disney World gates in 2018 alone. But the trip to Florida is a long one. A flight from Heathrow to Orlando takes more than eight hours, and the Orlando heat can also be difficult for babies and toddlers to cope with.

For young families, Disneyland Paris may be the preferred option. It’s a great place to visit with children, for all of the Disney magic on a smaller (and milder) scale. You can travel by car, which is ideal if you need to pack all of your family essentials, and can even go for just a short break or weekend away.

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5 tactics for a road trip with young kids

A road trip – at home or abroad – can be an unforgettable experience for the whole family. It gives you the opportunity to get off the beaten track and explore places you wouldn’t necessarily visit otherwise.

But travelling with young kids brings its own set of challenges. Here are five ways you can make it less stressful – and more fun – for everyone:


source: https://unsplash.com/photos/5d20kdvFCfA

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How to enjoy the main dining room when you are on a cruise

Traditionally, the main dining room is the central eating area on a cruise ship. Dining there is seen as a little like a combination of the experience of dining in a first-class restaurant and that of dining in a banqueting hall. However, many cruise lines are moving away from traditional main dining rooms to provide speciality fine dining restaurants.

So, is it still possible to enjoy the experience of the main dining room on a cruise ship? There are certainly some main dining rooms in operation, and there is many a great dining experience to be had in them. It has to be said that experiences differ depending on what type of cruise you choose. For instance, the experience you have on Ohio & Tennessee river Cruises is likely to be different than that of an ocean cruise, and experiences even differ between cruise lines. However, there are some tips that may help to improve your enjoyment of the main dining room if you have the opportunity to eat there.

Make sure they know about dietary restrictions

If you have any restrictions to your diet, due to health issues or personal choice, it’s a good idea to make sure the cruise line knows about them as soon as possible. You should also remind the onboard team once you set sail. You may think that this would be sufficient but it’s a good idea to pop in more friendly reminders a couple of times in order to prevent any unfortunate mistakes from being made.

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Let’s Pack For A Week Holiday With Cabin Luggage Only

World Rose

There are many among us who do not have the ability to travel light yet they equally hate handing over cash to an airline company for their ultra-heavy luggage who is already making a ton of money! Another aspect that turns people off from packing a heavy bag is that they will eventually need to stand in a long queue to collect their belongings.

To help people in times of such a dilemma, we have put together a few tried and tested tips that they can easily carry out to make their cabin luggage light yet hold all the necessary items they need in a week’s holiday. Let’s take a look now, shall we!?


Take the right cabin bag

When one gets their hand on the perfect cabin bag then it can be considered that half the battle is won! If not, then get ready to pay till your heart bleeds at the check-in counter!

The baggage limits vary with the airline you choose which is why you should take careful measures to make sure what is the maximum amount of weight you can carry in the cabin as per the airline you have chosen for your flight. It is advised to be vigilant if you have connecting flights or are planning to travel back to your place of origin via a different airline.

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Guest Post: Tips For Long Train Rides You Didn’t Know

Tips For Long Train Rides You Didn’t Know

People who live in cities where “everyone” takes the train are often amused when they see a person who has no idea what a train ride is like. There are some of us who have never been on a train. There are even people who would have to drive to find a train. Below we will offer some tips that will help you if you happen to be new to train riding.


A person new to trains is quickly identified by their luggage. They appear to think that once they board the train, they will need everything they need for the next year of their life. Then once seated, they try to chain their luggage to their body somehow, never thinking that they may need to use the restroom.

Tip One

You need a good, waterproof bag on wheels, a backpack, and a money belt. Talk to the experts at Unibaggage to guide you through this. If you have these three essentials, you will not have to check your luggage. You can put it overhead, and you can use your backpack as a travel pillow.

Tip Two

This is what goes in your money belt:

  • Identification
  • A small amount of cash (enough for a taxi, hotel room, and meal)
  • Credit cards
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Emergency medical cards
  • Emergency contact person’s name and phone number

Tip Three

In your backpack or suitcase have a copy of everything that is in your money belt. Copy the front and back of each card. This is so you have the correct information to stop your accounts from being compromised if your money belt is stolen or lost. This will help you get replacements quickly, as well.

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Essential Tips For First Time Travellers

Travelling is one of the greatest joys in life. It allows you to leave your comfortable bubble and explore somewhere totally new and alien to you. You’ll be able to experience temperatures you never did back home, see sights which make you question what is real, and you’ll enjoy the relaxation of sitting by the sea and sleeping your days away.

It can be scary when you have never left the safety of your own country before, and the thought of flying off to a different part of the world might give you major chills. However, travelling is fun! It’s not scary at all, and in fact, it can be one of the most fun experiences of your life. If you need some encouragement or need to know what you can expect going abroad for the first time, here are some tips for you.

Hotel business cards

Always take the business card from the front desk of whichever hotel you are staying in while you are away. This will allow you to call the hotel if you get lost in the foreign country and they will be able to help you. It is also useful for when you’ve been out during the day and you need to get a taxi home. Simply hand the driver the business card and he will know where to take you. It will save you having to struggle with the foreign language. Alternatively you can also think about renting a house or apartment during your stay so that you have the privacy and ability to cook for yourself.  

The six-month passport rule

Although your passport may not have expired yet, it could stop you from entering a country if it expires within six months time. Some countries are a little more stringent than others when it comes to your passport and will not just stick to the date which is inside your cover. This is why if you are planning to go away, you need to make sure that you have a renewed passport to prevent this from happening and causing you to have to turn tail and head home.

Getting cash

Of course, when at home you will get cash from the ATM because it is just easier, however, many other countries will charge you for using cash machines. Instead, you can pay for most things on your card for safety and you can use a checking account to cover the cost of items too.

Credit cards

Like we said above, using your card is often the easiest way to pay for things whilst you are abroad but it is specifically the credit card which is advisable to use when you are away from home. The reason for this is that you will get some great exchange rates using a credit card which you wouldn’t benefit from if you were using your debit card. Also make sure that your hotel or restaurant never converts your bill into dollars before to pay, because you will be getting a bad deal as a result.

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