Where to Celebrate New Year’s In Europe

Where to Celebrate New Year's In Europe
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New Year’s Eve is almost upon us. As we countdown to the end of another year, we are going to want to be in a place that is fun, vibrant, and full of energy. With the past couple of years presenting a lot of challenges this New Year’s Eve is going to be important to a lot of people. Here are the best places to safely celebrate New Year’s in Europe.


One of the capitals of the world, London, is one of the greatest places to ring in the New Year. There is no other fireworks show more breathtaking than the fireworks show that illuminates the skies over the Thames. The entire city comes alive and everyone is out to have a good time.

London is the best city to visit top restaurants and have an amazing year ending meal with the works and champagne. When you are done, you can find a cozy spot to ring in the year with friends, or you can take to the streets and make your way down to the river for the show. Just remember to keep alert and know where you are going.


The Portuguese Capital is a great place to celebrate the start of a new year in one of the most beautiful places in Europe. Lisbon is known for its nightlife and its warm and hospitable people. The best way to celebrate New Year’s is to rent a tourist apartment and really soak in the sights of the city.

You can have dinner in the popular Cais do Sodré or Bairro Alto. These two neighborhoods also offer the best in bars. After wishing everyone a Happy New Year, you can dance the night away in one of the many nightclubs in town. On New Year’s Day, there are plenty of five star restaurants waiting to serve you brunch.


One of the most romantic cities in Europe, Prague offers a lot for the celebrator of New Year’s. The city gets very crowded and very busy for New Year’s so reservations are a must. If making reservations is something that you don’t want to do, the city offers pub crawls around that allow you to meet a lot of people and see the city at night.

Dress warmly because it snows in Prague and it gets very cold. The snow can also be a hazard if you are not careful. Walk and don’t drive or get behind the wheel of a car. Local truck accident lawyers and law enforcement officials will tell you that they have seen a lot of smash ups with cars going off the road in the snow or cutting in front of bigger vehicles and causing them to skid off to the side. Get a hotel close to where you are going out to be on the safe side.


Moscow is the best city to celebrate New Year’s because the party goes on for about a week. It’s not that people are celebrating the new year for a week, but rather, according to the Russian Orthodox calendar, Christmas is celebrated on January 7, which is traditionally when the Three Wise Men visited the manger. 

Moscow has some of the best Christmas markets in the world, and their nightclubs are so filled with Russian flair that you will never visit another place like it. This is a great location to ring in the new year, experience a new culture, and observe a religious event that can only be experienced in this great city. 


It’s Ibiza. It is the party capital of the world and there is absolutely nothing like it. The party never stops in Ibiza and this island getaway will have you surrounded by water and partying until you want to stop. The top DJ’s in the world come to this location every year to spin the hottest music in the world, and dancers and party goers cannot seem to stay away.

The more popular clubs like Paccha and Amnesia will have the party going for days. Every hotel will offer dining and a hotspot that will make you excited for midnight but then stay awake until the sun comes up. This paradise books up fast, so make your reservations in advance and expect to spend a lot of money.

No matter where you go this year, as long as you are spending it with family and you are having a good time, it is going to be a homerun. Happy New Year!

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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