9 books I read in 2021

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9 books I read in 2021 is a short post about the books that I’ve read so far during 2021. Last year I did a similar post but I published it almost a month earlier and I managed to read 10 books in 2020. However in 2021, I read only 9 books. It is highly unlikely that I’ll have more time for reading until the end of the year because I have a lot of obligations and I have planned some festive activities for the kids (maybe I should include picture books that I read to my kids too on this list?😉). I won’t say much about the actual content of the books I read so you don’t have to worry about spoilers if you want to read them too.

Rosie Kugli: Božić u Zagrebu

I borrowed this book at the library because it has Christmas in the title. I was very disappointed with the predictable romance story and clichéd characters. Also, there wasn’t any real festive feel to it.

Melissa Hill: A gift from Tiffany’s

Two men, two women, but one special ring. Christmas in New York sounds charming and I’d love to experience it one day. This was a light, romantic read. But it could have been shorter.

Mary Simses: The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop & Café

Family secrets and a small town in Maine, sounds like a Hallmark movie. This was an easy, enjoyable beach read.

Kristina Kuzmić: Hold On But Don’t Hold Still

Another book by a Croatian author on this list. However, Kristina lives in the USA and her name might be familiar to you because she is a famous vloger. Her book is a memoir but it is candid and full of humour and wit. Her life story is very inspiring because she was once a broke, single mum going through a divorce and suffering from depression and now she is an accomplished, happy woman.

Jean-Paul Didierlaurent: The Reader on 6.27

I had high hopes for this book. I guess my taste doesn’t always correspond with the general public opinion. I liked the originality of the premise and the ending but found boring parts of the book where one of the characters recites ancient poems.

Stuart Turton: The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

The most intriguing book I have read in years. A real page turner! I am a huge fan of Agatha Christie and this book definitely had that similar setting. But the ending had a completely unexpected twist. So, if you are into mysteries you should definitely read this book.

Janet Skeslien Charles: The Paris Library

The plot and the characters are based on real events and people. I don’t usually read books about World War II but I really liked this book. And there is still an American library in Paris.

Guillaume Musso: La Vie est un Roman

In a way this is a book about a book. The plot is quite unusual and unpredictable and when you think you have figured it all out the author throws at you another curveball. I highly recommend it.

Marc Tedesco: She seduced me: A love affair with Rome

This is a non-fiction book about Rome and its people. Whether you have visited Rome or not, you’ll find this book interesting. The author shares some of his personal memories of Rome as well as insights into the history & art of Rome. I especially liked how he made Roman landmarks come to life and the life stories of some of the inhabitants of Rome.

Have you read any of these books? What did you think about them? How many books did you read this year? Would you recommend me some of the books that you have read?

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  1. I read a lot of books earlier this year, up until perhaps June or July before I got busier/lost interest. Honestly, I was only re-reading books I hadn’t read in years, so I don’t know if that counts or not…but reading really is an underrated hobby, and I think reading at least one book in a while can help us stay sharp in the mind! Christmas-themed books sound cheesy, but you can assume that I’d give them a try, anyway! 🙂

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      1. If there’s something I like to recommend is a good book 🙂 this year I deeply discovered Olga Tokarczuk, she’s such amazing author 🙂 read her book ‘flights’, it is so impressive and special 🙂 cheers from Lisbon, PedroL

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