Guest Post: Brazil Beyond Rio de Janeiro

Hi! My name is Ingrid, I’m from Brazil and my life goal is to travel around the world. I have just created a blog to post this great adventure. You can follow the blog or the or even the 


Brazil beyond Rio de Janeiro

When people talk about Brazil, usually, the image that comes to mind is a place like Rio de Janeiro or the Amazon. But did you know that Brazil is so much more than that? That there are actually MANY places to visit, especially beaches that offer lots of adventure. But our trip here through Brazil’s secrets won’t start at the beach. It will start with a geography class question. What is the capital of Brazil?

If you said Rio de Janeiro, or São Paulo, you got it wrong. The capital is Brasília.

Brasília attracts visitors due to its beautiful modernist architecture. Inaugurated to be the new capital of Brazil on April 21, 1960, the city had its main buildings designed by the great architect Oscar Niemeyer. The good part about visiting Brasília is that pretty much all of the most interesting things to see in the city are close to each other.

Brasília is loved by the people who live there for its sky. The city doesn’t have a beach but it is said that “The sky is Brasília’s sea”. And the reason for that quote has many colors.

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Guest Post: Wales-walking

I’m Grace Hughes, and I love writing, traveling, and everything outdoors.  I’ve been writing about my travel experiences plus more on my website since 2004, and hope to have many more adventures with my husband Kevin in the years ahead.


My husband Kevin and I love to travel, and in the almost eleven years that we’ve been married we’ve taken some wonderful trips.

We live in Springfield, Illinois, right in the middle of the United States, and because it isn’t cheap to cross the Atlantic, we haven’t been on a lot of overseas vacations.  Yet.

The year after we were married, in 2007, we took a cycling vacation along the Danube in Austria.  It was a fantastic way to see the countryside close-up, and two years later we took another bike trip, this time in some remote areas of Scotland.  Because I didn’t start exercising much until I became an adult I don’t think of myself as particularly athletic, even though I now love working out, especially outside.  I was hesitant about biking along the Danube, but Kevin pointed out that it’d be pretty flat, which it was.  But Scotland? Very very hilly, and this was, according to the travel company that booked out trip, an “easier” ride.  Yikes.  But it was beautiful and wild and I loved every minute of it, even though it was an especially wet summer and the hills were so very hilly.  I learned the “power of one” – staying in first gear on the many steep climbs.

For a change of pace we tried hiking on our next trip in 2015.  We chose the coast of Wales because Kevin discovered he has some Welsh ancestors, and we’d never been to Wales, and we’d loved the parts of the UK that we’d already seen.

Our cycling trips had been self-guided tours – a company arranged the route and the lodging and transported our bags from hotel to hotel, but we were on our own out on the road. We enjoyed that, and found a company called Macs Adventures that offered many choices of self-guided hiking trips in Wales.  We chose the “Best of Pembrokeshire” – the Pembrokeshire Coast Path is a national park, roughly 193 miles long, and we certainly didn’t want to walk the whole thing.  The section we hiked was supposed to be the most beautiful; it was an eight-night, seven day trip, but we actually only hiked for six days.  We started at the tiny town of Dale in the south of Wales (it’s so tiny that Welsh people we met had never even heard of it) and ended up in St. David’s, the “smallest city in Britain.”  In addition to planning the route for us, Macs Adventures also sent us a guidebook all about the Pembrokeshire Path as well as a detailed hiking map.

This is the lovely old inn where we spent the night before the hike; it’s called the Allenbrook B&B, and it turned out to be the most charming place we stayed.  It was old and sprawling, with peacocks and chickens out in the yard, plus a beautiful garden.

We walked into the center of town for a pre-hike dinner.  Since there are only about 200 inhabitants, there weren’t a lot of dining options.  Like I said, very remote.

We had dinner in a pub where I had freshly-caught fish, a glass of pear cider, and for dessert a chocolatey ice cream creation called a chocolate knickerbocker.  Yum!

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Guest Post: An invitation to explore Mauritius

First of all thank you Tanja, for having me as a guest on your blog! I am Julz, a Danish girl and blogger on WanderingExpatFamily. I have been expat most of my life, love to discover the world and that’s what I write about!

An invitation to explore Mauritius

Because of my husband’s work we tend to move every 2-3 years. A nomadic life comes for me with many upsides, a few downsides, but the biggest perk of all is that we have lived in many different countries, from Europe to Asia, via the Middle East. To Africa, kind of. For 18 months now, we have put our luggage down on the beautiful island of Mauritius. A small island state in the south western corner of the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Madagascar. Mauritius is best known as a luxurious honeymoon destination: beautiful beaches, romantic sunsets, turquoise lagoons, fabulous spas and warm weather year around. and all that is true. But our little island has so much more to offer.

View from the Infinity Pool @ the Long Beach Hotel, 5***** Hotel in Belle Mare, Mauritius

We have beautiful mountains, not as high as on Reunion Island, our closest neighbour, but still; in the south of the island, for example there is the iconic Le Morne Braband, the mountain where runaway slaves would hide and formed settlements in the caves. In the centre of the island the beautiful Peter Both, recognizable by it’s funny looking rock formation on the top, is a challenging hike or Le Pouce (the thumb), named so because of it’s shape, is a beautiful family climb.

View of the Moka Range (Le Pouce on the Left, Pieter Both on the far right)

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Guest Post: Cultural NEWS in Germany with 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

This is a guest post by Henry Lee at Henry is a photographer and writer who has worked previously as a research astronomer, lived in Europe and South America, and traveled around the world for one full year. With the Fotoeins Fotografie website as a showcase for photographic work, his present focus is on Germany with explorations which go beyond Bavarian castles and beer festivals.

Cultural NEWS in Germany with 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

With over 40 locations inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites (WHS), Germany offers cultural and historical diversity with fine examples of architecture, design, and nature throughout the entire country. Here are four examples of WHS in the country.

Bremen, Germany

 NORTH: Bremen Roland

Built in 1404 AD/CE, the Roland statue in Bremen’s market square is associated with the 8th-century AD/CE Frankish leader and Margrave of Brittany, a paladin of Charlemagne’s imperial court. The statue was built to represent rights and privileges associated with the free imperial city of Bremen. The Old City Hall (out of frame to the right) saw its start as Gothic in the early 15th-century with Renaissance style renovations in the early 17th-century. Bremen’s City Hall and Roland statue have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004. Bremen is about 1 hour from Hamburg with the InterCity or regional train.


EAST: Wittenberg Luther sites

Late-afternoon sun casts a warm glow on the City and Parish Church of St. Mary (Stadtkirche) in the east German city of Wittenberg. This was the church where Martin Luther preached and it’s where Holy Mass was celebrated in the German language for the first time. This church is also considered the “Mother Church of the Reformation” and is one of four sites in the city inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. Wittenberg is 40 minutes from Berlin with the InterCity Express train.

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Guest Post: Your Guide to Washington, DC

This is a guest post from Adam & Stephanie from Road Unraveled  blog. We are Stephanie and Adam, the travel writers behind Road Unraveled, and we want you to take a different vacation. We’re part time travelers with full-time jobs, and we’ve learned when you combine limited vacation time and budget with a passion to explore the globe, you can uncover some incredible adventures!

Washington, DC
The White House

Your Guide to Washington, DC

Even though Washington, DC is the United States’ capital city, it’s not always the first place visitors think of when they plan a trip to the USA. We have lived in DC for the last decade, and we know that when it comes to history, free activities, and great food, you won’t find a better place to spend your vacation!

Here are our tips for what to see and do when you visit the capital city of the United States of America.

Washington DC
Capitol building

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Guest post invitation

Welcome to my blog!:)


Are you passionate about travel? Have you got your travel blog? Would you like to write a guest post for the Red Phone Box travels?

I have only a few conditions for my potential guest blogger:

  1. Write about TRAVEL ( travel story, travel tips, review of a destination or write about your hometown-if I haven’t visited it! ) but I don’t need hotel or restaurant reviews
  2. Please write about a destination I haven’t written about 🙂 you could write about anywhere outside Europe but if you want to write about an European country please check my Categories or Places I’ve visited page so that you don’t submit a post about a topic I already covered
  3. Your post should contain at least 4 good-quality photos (your photographs!) and be at least 400 words long 

I don’t think that I’m too difficult to please, so if you’re interested let me know!

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