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If I could travel now….

mona lisa with face mask

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

If I could travel now…I’d explore a castle with my family

If I could travel now… I’d go to London with my best friend and have a drink at our favourite pub

If I could travel now…I’d visit Finland for the first time and meet up with my blogger friend from Helsinki

If I could travel now…I’d enjoy a weekend trip just with my husband

If I could travel now….I’d go on a work trip to the same places I usually go and love it as if I’d never been there before

If I could travel now…I’d go somewhere just by myself, anywhere really, maybe to a chocolate glamping village in Slovenia that my friend read about in a magazine and told me about it?!

If I could travel now…. but I can’t. Not now. Not anytime soon. But definitely later. At some point in the future I’ll travel again. That time will come. But now we all need to #stayathome and save lives. This too shall pass.

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