Life & blog update: October 2021

Prem Castle, Slovenia

Life & blog update: October 2021… was a month of ups & downs. A month of travel, work and reality of living in a pandemic.

We went on another day trip abroad with the kids. We have visited Italian town Cividale del Friuli at the end of August but I still haven’t blogged about it. This time we drove to Slovenia to visit a little castle in Prem. We are lucky to live in such proximity to both Slovenia and Italy so it is very easy to go on day trips abroad. It was a fun day trip but after we got home it was like my sweet daughter turned into a monster. Oh, yes, she is 2 years old now so we are going through the terrible twos phase again.

Last year my son’s group at daycare had to be at home self isolating because they had been in contact with a Covid-19 positive person. This year we got a call from my daughter’s daycare teacher that unfortunately they have had a contact with a confirmed Covid-19 case so the entire group has to be at home for 10 days. Annoying but not scary anymore, to be frank. We are all vaccinated (except the kids ). It’s been almost two years of living with uncertainty. In a second everything can change and you have to rearrange your life again. Unpredictability and uncertainty and double standards and illogical measures are things that bother me the most about this whole situation. Also, we are far behind some other countries in number of vaccinated people so the numbers of coronavirus cases are rising again. I worry about my kid’s future a lot. I have had a beautiful childhood free of social media and we all spent a lot of time outdoors unsupervised.

My husband spent a week in Germany attending the biggest European board game convention in Essen. I have told you in my last month’s post that he signed a contract for his board game. I will be in Germany when this post gets published. More about my trip in next month’s life & blog update post.

In September I joined an exercise class. I haven’t exercised for more than 6 years probably. It is a very difficult workout and most of other people in the class are younger than me and they are all in better shape. I felt good when I joined but now I think it is just too much for me.

I received great news about possible work trips in December but who knows what’ll happen by then. Maybe we end up in yet another lockdown.

I have a bunch of posts in my drafts folder but as usually I haven’t had the time to complete them. Anyway, I hope you are following my Facebook page because I’ll host soon an exciting travel related giveaway there.

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  1. Good to hear that you have been travelling again and can’t wait to read about that later! It seems like October was quite busy for you too, and I’m sorry to hear about the recent rise in Covid cases in your country. I really hope things are going to get better soon. Hope you are enjoying November so far!

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  2. I’m surprised that Croatia is far on getting many people vaccinated– do you think it’s due to limited supplies of vaccines or people choosing not to get them (or both)? Regardless, it’s still great you’re able to travel to other countries in Europe, as many countries seem to be open to getting visitors despite not vaccinating the majority– it’s still something to be grateful for!

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    1. I am very grateful for the opportunity to travel again. There’s no shortage of vaccine.Everyone from EU can travel all around EU if they have proof of vaccine.some countries allow a negative test or proof of recovery if you aren’t vaccinated.

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