7 things you should know about me

I’m Tanja. I launched this travel blog on the last day of August in 2015.

So, let me introduce myself a bit:

1. I’m married and I’m a mum to an adorable baby boy. We’ve also got a cute 4-year-old ginger cat.

2. I love chocolate. And cakes. And biscuits. And I don’t think that you should give them up if you eat homemade meals and exercise. I’m still working on the latter 🙂

3. My first proper grown-up trip (excluding family vacations and school trips) happened when I was at university. My best friend and I went to Italy for 2 weeks of pure fun & madness. And the rest is history.

4. I firmly believe in the immortal words of Dr. Samuel Johnson: … “when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford “; which is why I’ve been coming back again and again.

5. I’ve started writing a diary when I was a child but then when things got really interesting I stopped. However, then I started travelling and decided to keep a record of my adventures so I began to write a travel journal.

6. I still buy postcards wherever I go. I used to send them too but I don’t anymore because it seems that the Internet age has finally caught up with me.

7. I’m from Croatia. I live in a seaside town 🙂




If you want to know a little bit more about me, why don’t you read these posts first:

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You can read my travel posts here (subscribe via e-mail or WordPress) or on Bloglovin’ or Facebook  or Twitter or Google+ or Instagram


p.s. thank you! 🙂


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