Baby update: L. is 1 year old!

my baby girl just a few days before she turned 1

My baby girl L. is 1 year old. How can she be 1 already?!:) Where did the time go? What was I doing? It’s been such a strange year (it still is) but that hasn’t concerned my daughter at all. She just kept on growing and meeting milestones and smiling through it all. My sweet, sweet baby girl. I’m sorry but I just can’t stop referring to her as my baby even though she is now officially a toddler.

What does my daughter like? She likes going to the park. She enjoys the swings and she likes watching the other children play. She can play by herself at home with various toys (mainly her brother’s cars and Lego duplo bricks) for a while but she prefers to play with her older brother whom she utterly adores. I think she’d follow him to the end of the world. My girl would really like to cuddle our cat but our cat, as do all cats, has a mind of his own so that’s just not happening. My daughter loves eating. Oh my, how she likes to eat. If you eat anything in front of her and she doesn’t eat, she makes such a fuss and you have to give her something to eat (usually a biscuit ) even though she’s just had a proper lunch. My girl enjoys taking baths and she absolutely loved the beach and the sea. Books are one of her favourite amusements. She likes leafing through the pages and looking at the pictures while I read to her. Grabbing my phone when I talk on it and babbling is another one of her favourite activities. She adores ˝driving˝ her brother’s car (one of those baby’s push cars).

What can my daughter do? She can light up the room with her warm, beaming smile. She’s a fast crawler and she can get anywhere she wants on her butt. She stood up for the first time a month ago. Now she frequently stands so perhaps she’ll try taking a few steps soon. She’s got 4 teeth now (two more are just about to come out). She can say mummy and daddy and she said yes and no a few times. She communicates well and gets what she want. She is 70.5 cm tall and weighs 8.4 kg.

What’s my favourite thing about my girl? Her sweet smile and the sound of her laughter. The way she wants to cuddle and how happy she is when she gets a biscuit (bless her, she clearly takes after her mother 😉 ). My love for her is beyond words. She is aware of that.

What has baby L. been up to in the past six months since the last baby update post? Well, unfortunately soon after my baby girl turned 6 months old the whole country went into lockdown which definitely diminished our possibilities for new adventures. We were supposed to go on our first family trip abroad in the spring but that couldn’t happen because of Covid-19. However, we did go on a couple of day trips within Croatia. We explored the smallest town in the world (Hum in Istria) and we saw a lot of animals at Zagreb ZOO. My daughter tried swimming in the sea this summer and she has spent a lot of time at the beach.

my family , our 1 year old daughter and our almost 3 year old son

We celebrated my baby girl’s first birthday and Christening on Sunday in the family circle. She was the proper star of her birthday party and she ate her birthday lunch and her birthday cake. We had an informal birthday party on the exact date of her birthday and then she ate ice-cream for the first time and the chocolate that her brother gave her as a birthday gift. I think she enjoyed her birthday celebrations.

My birthday wishes for my daughter: Be  Happy. Stay Healthy. Have an Open Mind. Be Kind and Respectful. Listen carefully to others. Make your own decisions. Read books. Play sports. Spend time in the nature. But also play board games. Dance. Travel. Kiss. Love. Live!

Happy birthday to my girl! Dream big, my child!

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