2020 on the Red Phone Box travels

one of the places we’ve visited on our weekend away last September

2020 was a memorable year for sure. For all the bad and for the good too. As the rest of the world we spent most of our time at home. The first proper lockdown was in spring. As soon as everything went back to ”new normal” at the end of May we went on a day trip. 2020 was a year of local adventures. The furthest we ventured was to the Northern Croatia when my husband and I had a romantic weekend away. I still haven’t blogged about those adventures so that’s something I need to do in January or February. International travel wasn’t an option for us for various reasons. I saw many bloggers travelling again during the summer but we decided not to do it. It just didn’t feel safe to go abroad.

I won’t write about my personal life here. You can read my Life & blog update posts if you want to know how I felt during last year. This post is just an overview of 2020 on The Red Phone Box travels. Staying at home all the time didn’t make me want to blog much or even think about travel. So, I blogged even less than in 2019. I posted only 39 posts in 2020 (for example, I published 96 posts in 2016!). I thought about quitting blogging many times. But I didn’t. Life seemed to have improved from September and that reflected on my blog too. I started to publish more posts and to post more regularly. From October my blog’s traffic increased dramatically. Actually, December was the best month in terms of the number of views/visitors in the past two years! However, I prefer interaction with my readers to just numbers on my stats and insights dashboard. I’m so thankful to all of you who have left a comment below my posts and who are still here despite my lack of travel content. I am not a professional blogger and I don’t make my living out of blogging but it’s still nice to see that my blog is being appreciated.

Let’s have a look together at some of the stats from the previous year:

2020 on the Red Phone Box travels

Top 5 posts by number of views

If I could travel now….

What to do in San Marino

Top 9 Christmas Movies You Should Watch

Corona virus in Croatia & our life in lockdown

5 Cities in Europe I want to Visit

Top 5 posts by number of likes

The list is the same, the only exception is that instead of Corona virus in Croatia post, the fifth post by number of likes is My home (Discover Croatia).

Some of my personal favourites: 

Baby update: L. is 1 year old!

My Christmas Tree Travel Ornaments: Austria

Family day out: Cowboy village Roswell in Croatia

and I’m quite fond of San Marino post 🙂

What posts did you like? What would you like me to write about?

Plans for 2021: My blog is my hobby. I’m not sure if I can call it anymore a travel blog because I wrote more about Christmas than travel last month 🙂 I mean, I still predominantly write about travel but there is other content too. Honestly, at the moment I don’t have any travel plans. For me everything is still up in the air. Who knows how vaccination will go and when we will be able to travel freely. Besides, I have things to sort out in my personal life too before I can even start to think about travel. But I have one travel wish and that is to visit my best friend in Germany some time in October. I’m sure we’ll take day trips with our kids around Croatia. But I do not dare to think of more just yet. I have some ideas for my blog but you’ll know all about it when the time comes. So please, stay tuned!

What about you? Do you have travel plans for 2021?

Thank you for following my blog! Your support means the world to me!



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24 thoughts

  1. Hey Tanja, glad you’re still powering on and evolving/rolling with the ever-changing world. Hopefully we can all travel at some point this year, but a little home state exploration is never a bad thing to bide our time. Bernie and Jess.

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  2. Loved reading at your recap! Even though I traveled to visit my family this year, it was definitely a year of local adventures for me too. It’s great that you picked up blogging this autumn! I also hope this year will be a bit different but I definitely feel like now we start to see the end of it, so it makes me hopeful 😊

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  3. It is always interesting to look at site stats, Tanja and reflect about why we blog and how we blog. I tend to do it intuitively when it calls me, but I also do enjoy the community and interaction that regular blogging offers. We all would like to travel, but for now, I can enjoy re-visiting some of the thousands of photos I don’t have time to view and write about. Looking forward to a fun year in blogging!

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  4. I know what you mean – not “daring to think of more” – like if I dream of too far off travel I will jinx it lol! Hoping we can all return to that previous travel life sometime later this year though 🙂

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  5. No plans for travel yet, as the pandemic situation isn’t the greatest in the US here and I’m still in the process of completing my year-long probation for my new job. But here’s hoping that COVID-19 will lessen by the end of this year and that we can at least go on some local adventures. I agree with others that your blog is your blog, and that you can write whatever you want on it. My blog also pertains to travel, and I still do have a few destination posts from the past to cover for this year…but I anticipate many post will be a miscellaneous blend of awards/tags, stories and poetry, and travel listicles. Just to spice things up. I’d read whatever you post, so post away! 🙂

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  6. I don’t have travel plans as such for 2021 but as soon as it’s possible to do so again I will be making them for sure! We ARE considering booking a trip for 2022, just to give us something to look forward to 🙂 My big unanswered travel question for this year is whether visitors from abroad will be able to easily come to the UK by September, as I’m hoping to host a twice-postponed Virtual Tourist meeting in Newcastle. All of us are crossing our fingers that it will be third time lucky!

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  7. It’s certainly been a really strange time hasn’t it. I have no plans for travel yet, it doesn’t seem worth trying to book anything yet, but we will be looking to go to Australia as soon as we can (but who knows when that will be!). As for blogging, it’s your blog so you post about whatever you like 🙂 I’m glad you didn’t quit, keep blogging about whatever compels you! Happy New Year!

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  8. I’m not really making plans for travel anymore, I find it so hard when plans are made and have to be cancelled! One day at a time and hopefully things will be better soon. Stay safe and positive 😊

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