5 Cities in Europe I want to Visit

photo of boats parked on river
Photo by Chait Goli on Pexels.com

5 Cities in Europe I want to visit are: Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Dublin, Krakow and Moscow. These are all beautiful cities that I still haven’t visited. There are many others which I’d like to explore one day but Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Dublin, Krakow and Moscow are on the top of my travel list.

Who wouldn’t want to explore the city on canals? As many of you I have read Anne Frank’s diary too as a kid so I’d like to visit Anne Frank house in Amsterdam. There are so many wonderful sights in the Dutch capital but it’s important to choose a time of the year when this beautiful city isn’t overrun with tourists (post covid-19 tourism will probably change that).  If you have explored Amsterdam, give me a couple of suggestions of what to see/do in Amsterdam besides the obvious choices.

I’ve always wanted to visit Copenhagen because it has many interesting sights. I liked Oslo and Stockholm so I’m sure I’d fall in love with this Scandinavian beauty too. Erin from Oregon girl around the world blog posts beautiful photos of Copenhagen on her Instagram stories every day as she chooses another neighborhood of her town for her daily walks/cycles. Her Instagram stories and feed show common Copenhagen, not the usual tourist hotpots and these regular Copenhagen streets look so pretty to me.

The Emerald Isle has been on my bucket list for a long time and where better to start my exploration of Ireland than Dublin. My husband visited Dublin a long time ago so I would need to convince him to go to Dublin together since we have a sort of an agreement not to travel to cities/places that one of us has already visited. We like to explore new places together. However, my husband liked Dublin very much and I’m sure I could convince him to visit Guinness storehouse since he didn’t have the chance to go there last time. I was told that Dublin resembles my hometown in a way and since there are so many Croats in Dublin now it’d feel familiar.

Do I really need to spell out why I’d like to visit Krakow? It’s just gorgeous. Actually, there was a plan to visit this Polish germ last year but instead we went to Berlin because we found a cheaper flight and we had free accommodation too. I love exploring historical town centers and Krakow has an abundance of beautiful, old buildings. And cheap beer too which is always a plus in my husband’s book.

Moscow isn’t exactly an affordable city break trip unlike the above cities. But hopefully one day I’ll visit this cold Russian beauty too. I have to see the Kremlin and the Red Square for myself. I’ve seen countless photos of Moscow’s underground stations with beautiful artworks. I found these Moscow posts very inspiring.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to visit Amsterdam or Copenhagen or Dublin or Krakow or Moscow but for now I can at least daydream. It’s too soon to make any concrete travel plans since we are all just slowly starting to live again after lockdown.

Paris, London, Vienna, Lisbon, Brussels…..are just some of the cities I’ve already visited. So, if you need some travel inspiration or travel advice check out my blog’s archive or my blog’s page Places I’ve visited and click on the relevant city.



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    1. I like Christmas market s and Christmas lights so I’d be great to see Tivoli in winter. Covid has messed up a lot more than just our travel plans. Stay safe


  1. I can thoroughly recommend Copenhagen. There are so many places to see but don’t get caught out just seeing the touristy ones, although you must see them too. It is a city that never disappoints. As it is a hub for flights from Asia, I also go to Copenhagen on my way to Europe. Krakow – what can I say. I had the best hotel and midsummer there.

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    1. I’d love to explore more of Germany, Munich and the castles of Bavaria especially, but I saw many beautiful photos of Regensburg so you never know..


  2. I would love to visit Copenhagen, and Moscow too. I loved Dublin and its literary charm. I hope you visit and would love to see your take on in it. Hope soon the world is not a crazy place any more. We can move about with out restrictions. Lovely post Tanja

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  3. Never been to Moskow, but we would love to visit it one day. Used to live in Dublin and we love comig back. Don’t know why but Amsterdam did not steal our hearts. And Copenhagen? We meant to explore it last week, but as you can imagine it did not happen 🙈

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  4. I really want to see the Moscow Metro as well, it looks beautiful. It’s been many years since I last went to Copenhagen but I seem to remember really enjoying the National Museum of Denmark.

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  5. Currently planning future travels as well, Stockholm is on the list, any tips?
    I have been Amsterdam twice and it is a beautiful city, I loved it during fall. The Anne Frank is so interesting to see, reading the history is one thing but experiencing the cramped conditions they lived in is surreal. be sure to book in advance to avoid the long queues and guarantee entry!

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  6. I enjoyed all those cities except for Amsterdam (I did a post on it actually on Monday!). Krakow is lovely and the Salt Mine is amazing, although I know many complain there are too many tourists there these days. Although still probably by now. Moscow is amazing too!

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  7. Oh I’d love to visit Copenhagen and Moscow also.

    I have been to Amsterdam and definitely want to go again. The Anne Frank house is surreal, I definitely cried but it’s 100% worth a visit. Make sure you book your tickets in advance though otherwise you have to queue for hours and still may not even get in ❤

    Hope you enjoy your travels in the future oh and I would love to go to Dublin too 😀

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  8. Never been to Moscow but the others you should love. Much preferred Copenhagen to Stockholm while Amsterdam and Krakow are wonderful. Dublin is my hometown so I’m biased. Have a pint in an old style bar such as The Palace, Stag’s Head or Toners. Cheers!

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  9. And I shall suggest the twin cities of The Hague – Rotterdam as a less crowded yet breathtakingly beautiful alternative to Amsterdam.. Do try to make Rotterdam as your base when you are in the Netherlands.. 😊😊

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  10. Copenhagen is perhaps the most beautiful of them all.. ❤
    Moscow is straightaway magical during Winters, if one doesn't hate cold.. ❄❄❄❄
    And Moscow is affordable. Infact Russia is impacted by negative stereotypes, while in reality, it's just another European Country with the necessary technological advancements and a rich culture.. Let me give you a heads up. Do let me know what you feel about this:


    Happy Traveling..!!

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