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5 Cities in Europe I want to Visit

photo of boats parked on river

Photo by Chait Goli on Pexels.com

5 Cities in Europe I want to visit are: Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Dublin, Krakow and Moscow. These are all beautiful cities that I still haven’t visited. There are many others which I’d like to explore one day but Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Dublin, Krakow and Moscow are on the top of my travel list.

Who wouldn’t want to explore the city on canals? As many of you I have read Anne Frank’s diary too as a kid so I’d like to visit Anne Frank house in Amsterdam. There are so many wonderful sights in the Dutch capital but it’s important to choose a time of the year when this beautiful city isn’t overrun with tourists (post covid-19 tourism will probably change that).  If you have explored Amsterdam, give me a couple of suggestions of what to see/do in Amsterdam besides the obvious choices.

I’ve always wanted to visit Copenhagen because it has many interesting sights. I liked Oslo and Stockholm so I’m sure I’d fall in love with this Scandinavian beauty too. Erin from Oregon girl around the world blog posts beautiful photos of Copenhagen on her Instagram stories every day as she chooses another neighborhood of her town for her daily walks/cycles. Her Instagram stories and feed show common Copenhagen, not the usual tourist hotpots and these regular Copenhagen streets look so pretty to me.

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7 Things You Can Strike Off Your Bucket List By Visiting Europe

What’s on your bucket list? Everyone has different dreams and desires so every list will be unique. But one thing I’m sure of is there are dozens of things to do in Europe that are on many people’s bucket lists.

Here are 7 interesting things you can strike off your bucket list by visiting Europe.

#1. See the Northern Lights

The aurora borealis is a spectacular natural light display that may only be viewed from locations inside or near to the Arctic Circle. These polar lights are caused when solar wind disturbs the Earth’s magnetosphere.

Many people are fascinated by these light patterns in the sky, and photographs of this phenomenon have become popular. You can photograph this beautiful display if you grab your camera and travel to the northern areas of Iceland or Norway.

Tromsø is a city in the far north of Norway that lies inside the Arctic Circle. That means that every winter the city experiences 48 continuous days of night. During this time, the countryside surrounding Tromsø is an excellent location from which to observe and photograph those eerie lights in the night sky.

Image by Amund Bråthen from Pixabay

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Let me show you my 6 favourite cities in 6 photographs

St Paul's , London

of course London is my number 1 🙂

After you’ve travelled for a while and crossed a few countries and a few cities off your bucket list it gets more difficult to decide which of those places are your favourite. I have visited many beautiful cities and towns around Europe but some have left me speechless while others didn’t impress me much. Usually how I feel about a place doesn’t have to do with the place itself but with the circumstances of my trip e.g. my mood, the weather, my travel companion, and other variables. For instance I didn’t like much Brussels but that was a bit unfair of me. I think it deserves a second chance 🙂  So how to decide what are my favourite cities? My favourite cities are the cities that left a mark on me, that make me want to visit them again and again, that have an emotional significance for me and the cities where I could imagine moving to in an instant. Of course, one of those cities is London as you well know but I’m not going to put it on this list since London is my ultimate favourite city and my first love. But I’ve got to follow the Numbers rule and present you the list of my 6 favourite cities in 6 photographs.

Without further ado here’s the list of my 6 favourite cities (it was actually quite hard to choose just six):


Bologna, Italy

I fell in love with Bologna during summer 2004 when I spent around two weeks travelling and partying around Central Italy. It was love at first sight. I was there with my best high school friend and we had a blast. I was 21 and Bologna marked the beginning of the life of travel for me.

Eiffel tower

Paris, France

After visiting London I didn’t expect that I’d love Paris that much. But in summer 2007 my best friend (we used to pretend that we were half-sisters when we were kids 🙂 ) and I spent a week in Paris. We walked all day long and danced through the night. I have such fond memories of that trip.

Bury St Edmunds

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My favourite bridges around Europe


Lisbon, Portugal

During my travels around Europe I have come across many beautiful bridges. Some I just admired from the distance while I crossed the others. This year I even climbed the tower of the Tower Bridge in London and crossed the walkway high above the Thames. That was a great experience. Some bridges are old while others are ultra-modern. Most offer spectacular panoramas. While some just fulfill their purpose-connect two places.

Here’s a collection of my favourite bridges around Europe:

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge, London

Stirling bridge, Scotland

Stirling Bridge, Stirling, Scotland

Krk bridge

Krk bridge, Croatia

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My favourite things about travel (Travel Link Up)

I’m writing this post in response to November Travel Linkup by my favourite Kiwi bloggers Kelly Michelle and Emma. I’ve been reading their blogs for a long time and I just love them.

So what are my favourite things about travel?

  1. Planning a new trip

This can even sometimes be better than taking the actual trip :). I don’t mind spending days online in search of a cheap air fare and a decent hotel. I’m still old-fashioned and I prefer reading actual guide books to perusing Pinterest. Of course I read travel advice on what to do and see on TripAdvisor too and I always review hotels/attractions/restaurants there after I get back from my trips.

  1. Anticipation

That sweet feeling of waiting for your trip. The crossing off the days on your calendar as your trip approaches and that period of daydreaming about your future adventures.

  1. Flying

I love being on the plane. I especially like that thrill when the plane takes off and that sense of relief when it lands. I am fortunate enough to have never experienced any turbulence or problems because I’m not sure how my tummy would handle that. It would not look pretty I can tell you that 🙂

  1. Airport shops

I just love spending time at airport shops before checking in.

  1. Seeing something in real life that you’ve only seen in the books

Whether it’s St.Peter’s Basilica in Vatican or the Eiffel Tower in Paris or Stonehenge I just love seeing some of the most iconic landmarks in real life. The same goes for art and museums whether it’s the small painting of Mona Lisa  in Louvre or the Parthenon in Athens or the British Museum in London.

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Cats of Europe

Warning! Proceed with extreme caution if you don’t like cats!

my cat sleeping in his bed

My cat sleeping in his basket 🙂

I love cats. There’s one cute ginger tomcat that wakes me up every morning with his meow Feed me, Pet me. Although he treats me like I’m his servant I adore him to bits. I’d bite my husband’s head off if he would even think of behaving like our cat does. On the other hand my husband sometimes complains that I’m much nicer to our cat than I am to him 🙂 . But that’s normal for cats and cat parents and if you’re a dog person then you can’t understand this special relationship between the so-called cat owner and their pet. Sadly, our cat can’t join me on my travels (however,there are some cool cats that travel with their servants 🙂 ) which means that I have to leave him in the loving hands of his cat grandparents (e.g. my parents). He likes spending time in their place and they adore having him around. But for some reason or another I often seem to come across cats on my travels. And what do I do then? I take a picture of that foreign cat and try to pet it. And in that moment I miss my cat and wish that he could travel with me.

So, I wanted to show you photos of the cats that I came across on my trips. I didn’t go through all of my photos (just the most recent ones) because then this post would never happen. Some of the cats that I encountered were someone’s pets while others were street cats. I saw some in the streets while others in the park or at a historic monument and some even showed up outside my hotel room.
Without further ado here are the cats from around Europe:

English cat, Bury St Edmunds, 2008

English cat, Bury St Edmunds, 2008

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