Snapshots from Krakow (April 2023)

St. Mary’s basilica, Main Square (Rynek Główny), Krakow, Poland

We’ve visited Krakow recently. We’ve spent 3, 5 days exploring beautiful Old town of Krakow. We wandered its streets, saw many churches, ate a lot of delicious meals and tried some local drinks as well, photographed exquisite doors and generally enjoyed ourselves very much in this Polish gem. It’s no wonder that Krakow can be found on many bucket lists. I’ve visited Prague and Budapest and Vienna and I can say that Krakow can proudly hold its head up among these gorgeous European cities.

Snapshots from Krakow

Cloth Hall at the Main Market square

Wavel castle

We bought tickets for Wavel castle (you can walk up to the castle and around its courtyard for free) to get inside. We toured the private royal apartments, treasury and armoury. Other parts of the castle were either closed for maintenance (such as state apartments) or booked full (such as the lost Wavel exhibition).

Wavel castle

Life & blog update: April 2023
Wavel cathedral and Wavel castle

Vistula river

Wieliczka salt mines

We’ve also taken a train to a nearby UNESCO site of Wieliczka salt mines for a fascinating tour of the underground tunnels. I must recommend it as a great day trip from Krakow.

Schindler’s factory museum

other photos from Krakow

St. Peter’s and Paul’s church

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28 thoughts

  1. These are great pictures.. Thank you for sharing.. 🙂
    Learnt about the existence of underground salt mines in Krakow, that’s a new one for me.. Will make sure to visit this place whenever I visit Krakow.. Thank you once again..

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  2. More gorgeous photos from your time in Krakow! I’ve also been to the Wieliczka salt mines, but during the tour, we were heavily discouraged from taking photos of the inside, or otherwise we’d have to pay for photos– I managed to sneak a few in, but were the rules more lax now for you? Just curious!

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  3. I visited Krakow on a business trip once & visited the old city. Your photos remind me of the places I saw but didn’t take photos of … back then, I would’ve had to have carried a camera. Thanks for sharing your memories & tickling mine!

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