Life & blog update: April 2023

Wavel cathedral and Wavel castle, Krakow, Poland

Life & blog update: April 2023… was a great month filled with travel adventures. Firstly, we spent Easter weekend at a hotel near Trakošćan castle in Hrvatsko Zagorje (northern Croatia). Then, my husband and I spent 3,5 days in Krakow, Poland.

Easter weekend was a great family trip. We went with our friends who also have a daughter and a son similar in age to our kids. They all enjoyed the swimming pool, Easter egg hunt and visiting Trakošćan castle. I absolutely loved our hotel room’s view even though it was cloudy. I even took a short walk at night towards the castle which looked like some sort of a lighthouse in the dark, all around it a complete darkness and then a white castle on the hill like some beacon of hope. Need I say that Trakošćan castle has an amazing interior? The only disappointment was that the lake around the castle was drained in order to clean its bottom.

My kids, Trakośan castle, Croatia

Krakow is such a beautiful city! We both liked it very much. Our hotel was right in the city center, just 5 mins from the huge Main square. We visited Wavel castle and traversed all around the Old Town. We’ve also visited Schindler’s factory museum. Of course, we had many delicious meals. I followed my husband’s wishes so we took the train to nearby Wieliczka salt mines and I didn’t regret it. Salt mine tour was fascinating (you can see some photos from Krakow on my Instagram account). I’ll blog about our Krakow trip soon (well, photo post and food post is coming soon, the actual travel post will be published eventually too).

Other happenings in April? I took the kids to children’s cinema to watch Super Mario movie. That was my daughter’s first cinema outing. She’s also watched her fist football match with her dad and brother (at the stadium, not on TV). We had several children’s birthday parties in April too. We’ve also been to Trsat castle for another (sort of) medieval festival. The last weekend of the month was super busy as well: seaside walk on Saturday and BBQ on Sunday. All in all, plenty of fun activities with kids. And now we have our weekend trip to Brijuni islands to look forward to (check out my post about our last year’s visit if you haven’t already).

How was your April and what are your plans for May?

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  1. Sounds like you had a great month, Tanja! I would love to visit Krakow one day, too- from what I’ve heard it’s a beautiful city with a story to tell. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

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  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed Krakow! I visited in 2017 during my trip throughout Poland, and I had a blast walking the Old Town, eating hearty Polish food, and going on multiple pub crawls (while I was still young, haha). Poland is a place I’d return to repeatedly over the years, that’s for sure. Nothing really planned for me in May aside from staying in my city and spending time with my partner, but there are summer plans coming very soon! Enjoy your month of May, Tanja. 🙂

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  3. Sounds like a great month – the sort we looked forward too back in those dull lockdown days! I loved Krakow too when I visited some years ago and I look forward to reading your impressions. The highlight of our April was a long weekend in Tirana, a fascinating city 😀

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