Family day out: Dinopark, Croatia

Dinopark Funtana, Croatia

Family day out: Dinopark, Croatia is a blog post about our last year’s visit to the theme park Dinopark Funtana, near Poreč in Istria, Croatia. We decided to visit it with our friends who have a daughter similar in age to our kids. To be honest, I didn’t have high expectations but in the end we all had loads of fun!

It was a very warm Easter Monday when we visited Dinopark so we were all overdressed. The drive from our home was short. We parked at theme park’s free car park and bought our tickets (tip: better to avoid summer months because of more people). Also, arrive in the morning and spend an entire day there to really enjoy it all.

Of course, the main attraction of Dinopark are huge lifelike dinosaurs. Most of them are interactive (they move their heads and make sounds). I thought my daughter might get afraid of big, loud dinosaurs but she just laughed at them and pushed all the buttons to make them move.

Life and blog update: April 2021
Visiting dinosaurs in Dinopark, in Croatia

I felt like we were in a Jurrasic park movie when we walked around Dinopark. One area of the park reminded me of Indiana Jones movie (see photo below). I must confess that walking over rickety wooden suspension bridge felt too realistic and somewhat dangerous. There are many activities in the park. Kids can ride a pony and cuddle rabbits in a small petting zoo. Older kids and adults can do archery and try shuriken (at extra cost, other activities are included in the ticket price). There are educational activities. There’s even a small open air museum and dinosaurs’ footprints. Unfortunately, the show in big circus like tent wasn’t on during our visit.

Besides dinosaurs you can all enjoy different family rides in Dinopark such as mini rollercoaster, kids’ train and more serious thrill rides for older kids/adults. For some reason, one portion of the park is dedicated to the pirates. In 2022 they added dragons as well. Since my kids were 1.5 and 3.5 years old at the time of our visit we didn’t get to experience all the fun rides.

Naturally, we brought a lot of snacks for the kids but there are several food options at the park. Our kids had delicious ice-cream. We actually didn’t eat in the park but at a restaurant across the park. Of course, there are toilets at the park too.

I highly recommend Dinopark as a great day trip for both kids and their parents even though it is not cheap. My kids kept talking about it for months afterwards and have expressed desire to go again.

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  1. Dinopark looks like the perfect place for kids! Not only to see large, cool-looking creatures, but also learn a thing or two about dinosaur history. Sounds like a time well-spent!

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