Life & blog update: July 2022

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Life & blog update: July 2022 …was actually quite a relaxing month. It started very well. The first weekend in July was reserved for a girls’ weekend away trip. For the first time ever the four of us travelled somewhere together. We left our husbands and kids behind and spent the weekend in a gorgeous house with a swimming pool in inland Istria far away from the crowds. We chatted, laughed, ate great food and had fun. When we finally managed to drag ourselves from our sun lounges around the pool we went to beautiful Rovinj (see my photo post below if you haven’t already read it). On our way back we stopped in Labin for an excellent pizza.

Like every summer we spend (almost) every weekend at Krk island. We are lucky to have a summer house within a walking distance from a lovely beach. Obviously, our kids love spending time in the sea. My son has almost learned to swim by himself. Did I mention that he learnt how to ride a bike too several months ago? My daughter loves swimming as well and maybe we’ll teach her to swim independently next summer.

Anyway, we attended two festivals on island Krk this July. The ice-cream festival in Njivice and the Days of Ancient Rome near Omisalj. I wrote last summer how I was disappointed with the ice-cream festival but it was great this year. We didn’t manage to participate in kids’ workshops because they were at the time when we were at the beach but the evening/night programme was fun. Kids loved the kids disco and the street performers. However, what was still missing are more ice-cream stands.

The ancient festival was held on the actual Roman site, the archaeological site of Fulfinum/Mirine near Omisalj. It was spectacular. Again, we were late for the kids’ workshops but we enjoyed the entire evening/night programme apart from a music concert. We saw Roman soldiers and learnt about their military formations and strategies. Kids laughed at a mock gladiator fight. The fire performers were amazing. But a part of their performance looked kind of dangerous. However, there was a fire truck on site, just in case. My daughter tried riding a horse and she looked so tiny and cute on a tall horse. I am glad we attended these festivals.

What else? Not much really. I didn’t blog a lot even though I have a bunch of drafts waiting to be finished/edited. It was too hot for anything. The record breaking temperatures since June. I think this is the hottest summer of my life.

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  1. A getaway with your girlfriends sounds so relaxing and fun. It is years since I did that and I don’t have the excuse of kids! Need to make it happen soon, too. The ice cream festival also sounds fun 🙂

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  2. You’re definitely living life! Even if you didn’t publish much in July, it was because you were enjoying yourself and the summer. Hope you continue to enjoy the rest of your summer!

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