Life & blog update: June 2022

Njivice, Krk island, Croatia

Life & blog update: June 2022… was a really relaxing month. Finally! We had holidays in May as well when we visited Malta without the kids and Brijuni islands national park with the kids. June holidays were all about beach time with the kids. We stayed at our small summer house at island Krk (Croatia) as usually. The sea was a bit cold at the beginning but later it warmed up. Kids had lots of fun and lots of ice cream. We had guests too, our friends with kids came to see us. I managed to read two books!!

Besides beach time we had several kid’s birthdays to attend as well as a bowling birthday party  for adults. I haven’t mentioned this before but we are doing a 10×10 board game challenge (play 10 games 10 times in a year) this year. We did it last year too but failed so keep your fingers crossed that we actually succeed this year.

International Carnival Parade in Rijeka was held in June. We always have carnival in the winter but this year it got postponed to June because of Covid-19 (it was cancelled last year). We only saw the children’s parade. It was as colourful as usually but there were fewer participants.

After three years at daycare (two pandemic years) my son has finally had an end of year celebration. Oh my, the kids were too cute. They sang, danced, recited and looked utterly adorable. I was very proud of my son who participated in everything wholeheartedly and we finally got to hear him speak Italian (he’s in an Italian group).

My daughter also had her end of year celebration at daycare. She’s in a younger group so they didn’t have a performance but a little party and games with parents. We did games with balloons and pulled the rope and danced. It was a lot of fun.

What are your plans for July? For us it’s work, work and work and weekends at the beach. We’d have a short holiday in August though. But the first weekend of July is going to be very special: I’m going on a girl’s weekend away with my besties.

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  1. Your June sounds like it was a lot of fun. How nice to have a little place by the sea you can go to. July is all work for me, but then we have all of August off work/ school as a family so that will be the month for fun! Have a great month ahead Tanja

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  2. Seems like June was a nice relaxing month for you! It must have been so nice to see the kids’ recital! I also love the idea of a 10×10 board game challenge! Enjoy your summer 😊

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