My 7 years of travel blogging

in Vittoriosa, Malta, May 2022

7 years of travel blogging but a lifetime of travel memories. I love travel. I love planning trips and writing down what happened on my trips. I enjoy looking at photos from different trips and then daydreaming about future trips. Long story short, 7 years ago I clicked publish for the first time ever and posted my first blog post here on the Red Phone Box travels blog. Here I am now, after 7 years and 434 posts with 225 349 words in total, writing my seventh blogiversary post. But if you want to check out my previous blogging anniversary posts, see below:

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If you’ve been around for a while you know that I used to blog about my frequent London trips but that I haven’t visited London since 2016. Why? Because I started a family and made some other travel choices. Besides, London isn’t the only place with a red phone box. As you can see above, Malta has plenty of old red phone boxes as I’ve discovered on my recent trip to explore Malta this year. I have found a red phone box in Vienna many years ago but the most surprising place of all to see a red phone box was when I stumbled upon one in Osijek, Croatia. Nevertheless, I miss London a lot and even though there were some plans to finally go back there, it just didn’t happen. Yet. Recently, an idea popped up in my head to celebrate my 40th birthday in London next year. It’s just an idea, no concrete plans yet. However, life has become very unpredictable in the past two Covid years (and a war in Ukraine) so I don’t want to plan anything too early. Besides, I’m not rich and need to pay for regular living costs not just for trips.

I’ve written here on the Red Phone Box travels about my trips around Europe and since I’ve become a mum to two kids I have shared with you our family adventures around Croatia and abroad as well. I used to blog frequently but nowadays it is easier to just post a photo post. Sometimes it takes me over a year to post about a particular trip but eventually all my travel escapades get turned into blog posts as a sort of online travel diary. It’s not easy to find time for blogging between a job, kids, housework and wanting to socialize with friends.

with my family on Brijuni islands, Croatia 2022

I’ve thought about quitting blogging several times but in the end I still like it even though blogosphere has changed a lot since I started blogging. Not to mention the social media. I like posting my travel photos on my Instagram and not videos which is why nobody seems to see my posts there anymore. If I were any good at making videos, I’d be a Youtuber and not a travel blogger. There’s plenty of travel content coming up here. I just need to put into words what I liked in Düsseldorf so much last year and why our Malta trip this year wasn’t perfect even though we ate very well. Our kids loved our Italian day trip last August and our weekend stay at Brijuni National park in Croatia (photo above). There are other day trips to blog about too. So, I hope that you’ll stick around 🙂

Thank you for all your wonderful comments and likes and shares whether you’re following my blog via WordPress or as an email subscriber or if you’re following me on social media. Your support means a lot to me. Cheers to you!

ps. travel! Travel solo, travel with friends, travel as a family. Save up, make plans, find cheap air fares and budget accommodation (or splash out if you can afford it) because travel makes your life richer!



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  1. Happy 7 years of blogging, Tanja! I started following you perhaps two years ago, but I’m glad to continue joining the ride with you on your travels, albeit vicariously through a computer screen! Blogging does take a lot of dedication and time to post regularly, but honestly, it’s even more important to enjoy life in the moment– with family, friends, and new destinations. Blogging about them can always come later!

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  2. Congrats! 7 is a great year! (We started the same year!) I agree that the blogosphere has changed – and social media. I actually dislike the video trend but I guess that makes me sound old! I’m happy you’re still blogging and so cool that you have already taken your little ones on so many adventures! You make it seem so easy 😍 Cool phone booth with books, btw!

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  3. Happy Blogiversary! I just started my blog. I get frustrated because I’m not the person who is traveling the world, but a person who has learned to bloom where she’s planted. Although I would like to be the world traveler, I’m still not. I retired 5 years ago with the intention of traveling much more, but instead, my mom moved in with me and I became her full time caretaker. She passed away at the end of June. Life goes through different phases and sometimes what we plan for is not what happens. One of my favorite quotes is from John Lennon: “Life is what happens while we’re busy making other plans.” Congrats again on your blogiversary! You’re doing an amazing job!

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  4. Congratulations on seven years! I remember that we started blogging at almost the same time. You are right, blogging and life have changed a lot but I am glad you still keep up with your blog. Maybe both of us will make it to London again someday.

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  5. Congratulations Tanja. I can’t imagine how you find time to blog in between work, family and travel. I couldn’t have done it when I was at your phase of life. I”m retired now, my kids are grown and I still have trouble making the time!

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  6. Great little post and an incredibly fascinating story Tanja, thanks for sharing this with us!
    Reminds me of wonderful time I had with my wife in a teeny tiny South Asian hidden gem of a country, Sri Lanka.
    It was an incredible experience from people to places to architecture to all the experiences that we’ve gathered, such a magnificent place to be and it was an one for the memory vaults.
    You can read the full story here,

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