My 2 years of travel blogging+giveaway

in Trieste, Italy this year

I launched the Red Phone Box travels blog on 31st August 2015. I needed a distraction, a new hobby, a new audience for my travel stories. I am most grateful for all my followers and subscribers and new blogging friends. It was a wonderful experience to see my little travel blog grow over the past 2 years. I’m not an expat or someone who quit her/his job to travel the world. I’m just an ordinary person who is mad about travel and who despite somewhat limited resources manages to travel. Even if it’s just around Europe. Whether it’s a weekend break or one week holiday I always make the most of my trips. I try to cram in as much sightseeing as humanely possible and prefer to spend my money on attraction entrances and souvenirs than on fancy meals or luxurious hotels. I’d rather take two trips than stay at a really expensive place on just one trip. I prefer city travel to outdoor adventures even though as I grow old I find the countryside and the smaller towns more appealing. My travel history includes: backpacking trips, train journeys across half Europe, boat voyages that lasted over 30 hours and many other crazy things when I was slightly younger. Moreover I’ve stayed at cheap&dinky hostels but I’ve also experienced some luxury accommodation too. I travelled with my best friend, with a boyfriend, with a group of friends, with my husband and alone. Solo travel is great and I’d recommend it to everyone but I do find travelling with my best friend or my husband more fun. It’s always nicer when you can share your new experiences with someone else.

I’ve had a rough 2016 but still enjoyed immensely my trips to Stockholm and London and various other day trips  and local trips. There weren’t a lot of travel plans for 2017 apart from a week in Germany visiting München and Neuschwanstein Castle. Those plans fell through and Germany is now still just another item on my bucket list. You see, we decided to cancel our travel plans because of my long-awaited pregnancy which finally happened. We couldn’t be more happier! Of course, we’ll need to focus now on the baby. But there are some travel ideas for the next year already on my mind! I want to travel as a family but I also want to travel just as a couple too. And there’ll be more work related travel once our baby turns 1. I didn’t quit blogging or had a break when I found out that I was pregnant. I continued to blog but I published more photo posts and shorter posts. There will definitely be a short blogging pause once I give birth (which could be within a month and a half ) but hopefully after a month or two I’ll have the time/energy to post something. I haven’t turned this blog into a baby/mummy blog and I won’t do that later on. It’ll still be a travel blog but I won’t be writing about any new trips for some time. However, there will be a couple of baby posts too :).

Anyway, it still fascinates me to see where my readers come from. From the more obvious countries such as the USA and the UK and the rest of Europe to more distant & exotic ones such as Brunei, Singapore, Nepal, Botswana, Guatemala, Peru…. Unfortunately, I probably won’t visit a lot of these wonderful countries but it’s so wonderful to know that there are people who live so far away from me and who have stumbled upon my blog 🙂

It’s also wonderful to find a connection with other fellow bloggers equally crazy about London & travel as me.  You know who you are;)

So what are my most popular posts so far?


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What are your personal favourites?



To celebrate 2 years of the Red Phone Box travels I’ve partnered up with GPSmyCity and I’m giving away 3 travel article apps! I’m sure you’re already quite familiar with them since I have given away some of my previous travel article apps too but if you don’t know much about this latest travel craze (and very useful travel instrument) read about it here. So, the download of the travel article apps is always free but the upgrade ( to get the map and GPS navigation) costs a couple of dollars of which I get a small percentage so I can buy a cup of tea if I sell a few : ). Thus, I chose 3 of my travel article apps which you can use for free! They come with the map and the GPS navigation! You just click on the links below, follow the instructions and you can enjoy my upgraded apps for free.

This giveaway is valid from 31 August to 7 September so hurry up and take me on a trip with you! (sort of). I hope that you’ll find my travel article apps useful!


Klagenfurt & Minimundus

Wandering around London in 72 Hours (Part I)

A Guide to Ferrara, Italy


Thanks and I hope you continue to follow my blog 🙂




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  1. Congratulations on your two-year blogging anniversary Tanja and all the best for the arrival of your long-awaited baby!
    I agree with a lot of your travel philosophies – I’d also rather save on really expensive accommodation in order to do other things, and as I grow older I’m finding I go to huge chaotic cities less and less (although I’m still a ‘city person’ at heart) and I’m finding quiet countryside and smaller towns more appealing for an escape (used to scoff at that stuff in my 20s).
    Different Shores

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  2. Happy two year anniversary of blogging, Tanja!! Also – I knew you were pregnant but not so far along. One month til baby, how exciting!! This baby is going to be a world traveler 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations on being about to be a mum, and on 2 years of blogging. 🙂 🙂 First things first, hey? I bet you can hardly wait to meet the new arrival. Big changes though! Thanks a lot for the giveaway and wishing you much luck with the continued journey.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Congrats on your baby! You will have sooo much fun enjoying travels with your new little one. I’m currently exploring London with my 2 year old and I’ll treasure these travel years forever. Cheers to a new chapter! Xo

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