4 Incredible Wildlife Parks You Should Visit in Sydney

photo credit by Wikimedia Commons

Without a doubt, Sydney is one of the most traveled destinations in Australia. It is known for its outstanding food and wine, stunning scenery, radiant shorelines, and awesome tourist attractions. All travelers from everywhere love to visit and explore this city because it has a lot to offer. Spending your vacation here is absolutely worth it!

However, Sydney is not simply about its beautiful views and beaches, it is also an animal lover’s sweet haven. This vibrant city offers different wildlife attractions that everybody will surely adore. Guests of any age and from over the globe are astounded by the Australian wildlife.

You can easily check all of them if you take a Car Hire from DriveNow Sydney which will give you comfort and convenience when visiting these wildlife attractions. There are also campervan rentals if you prefer camping and exploring national parks. Here, animals roam freely and you can watch them on their natural habitats.

Want to see the animals that can be found in Sydney? Here’s a roundup of the best places to see distinctive animal creatures when in Sydney:

Taronga Zoo
Your Sydney wildlife trip won’t be complete without visiting Taronga Zoo. Animal lovers will surely appreciate this place, for it is said to be the most popular zoo in the city. It is a nonprofit organization that totally supports wildlife conservation. There are also 4,000 animals from more than 350 species present here and some are the world’s most awesome ones. Amazing!

photo credit by Wikimedia Commons

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium
Looking for the perfect wildlife destination for you and your loved ones? Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is the one to visit! It is one of the most visited attractions in Australia that comprises a wide range of aquatic life. Over 13,000 fish and 700 species of sea creatures are present in this attraction. Your visit here will surely be worth your time and money as you discover the underwater world to the next level.

Featherdale Wildlife Park
Specializing in native birds and wildlife, Featherdale Wildlife Park is one of the best wildlife parks in Australia. It is a privately owned zoo that is located in Doonside, which was a poultry farm before. Today, it has been developed and is centered on both environmental and animal education. Moreover, there are free encounters with the kangaroos and koalas for all its visitors. What a unique experience it will be!

Wild Life Sydney Zoo
Formerly Sydney Wildlife World, Wild Life Sydney Zoo is the country’s top wildlife park that showcases feeding programs, guided tours, interactive displays, and engaging shows. Strategically situated in the city center in Darling Harbor, visitors won’t be having a hard time going there. Also, there are plenty of species that you can only find in this zoo, making it an exceptional wildlife park.

Indeed, the Australian wildlife should be a part of your Sydney itinerary. Just take these places mentioned above into consideration to have fun and make your stay worthwhile. It’s a perfect place to bond with your family and share new and happy memories together! These wildlife destinations never disappoint, so you are sure to have a great time with the people you love the most.

Disclaimer: This is a collaboration post.

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  1. These all sound lovely, Tanja… I went to one when I was a kid, I think it was the Taronga Zoo, and have such good memories! I rarely rent cars when I travel but we’ve just finished a trip with a rental car and it did make the whole travel experience so much easier and we could see a lot more of the country a lot more hassle-free. Even if places are accessible by public transport it is still nice to be able to choose when you travel.

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  2. Except for Featherdale Wildlife Park all the attractions you mention are easily accessible on public transport and the only one of these you can park at without enormous hassle and expense is Taronga Zoo. I can’t for a moment imagine why you would want a car to visit them.


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