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It may be your honeymoon, or it has been your lifelong dream to travel to Australia and New Zealand, or it could be a mix of the two. Whatever your reason is, you have saved up quite a large amount in order to have the best experience you possibly can, but are not quite sure where to spend your money. It can be extremely overwhelming when you touch down in a country you have wanted to see for the longest time – it can be even more overwhelming waking up on your travel day after years and years of saving and finally being able to go, and realizing that by tomorrow you’ll be there. Of course, getting to that travel day will take a lot of organizing – especially if you are planning to travel in the most luxurious way you can afford. Here are a few suggestions on luxury travel, accommodation, and experiences so you can take your pick. You may not be able to afford them all – you may be able to afford even more – but just one of these could be a life-changing experience for you and make it the trip of a lifetime. Since you’ve been saving all this time, and dreaming about this trip most of your life – you can be certain you deserve a little luxury whilst on the adventure.


Getting To Your Destination

Let’s start off with the ultimate, five-star luxury that will come with the heaviest price tag but for an extremely good reason. A private jet. Of Course, with that starting statement, You may be thinking:  How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Private Jet? Well, in all honesty, a flight as long as one to Australia or New Zealand (especially one as long as 20+ hours depending on where you’re travelling from) will be out of many people’s price ranges. You’ll be looking in the six-figure range for a 24-hour flight depending on the type of jet you fly in. However, that doesn’t mean this option is ruled out for you. If you have an extensive budget, you could look at chartering a private jet for your flight between New Zealand and Australia, although a 3-hour flight will still cost you just under $35,000. This may be in your price range, or you may even have the budget to enjoy the entirety of your travel on a chartered jet. However, if you can’t afford this option, there are “empty leg” flights. Every chartered flight needs to go to a destination and then travel back to where they came from – this return flight usually is not booked by passengers. It is incredibly likely there will be a few flights like this shuttling between New Zealand and Australia that have been chartered and are returning to your desired destination. Empty leg flights offer up to 75% off of set prices – so you’ll be looking at a much more affordable price of just under $9000 when compared with full price. If this is still not looking like an option within your budget, you can fly business class with an airline of your choice, that is still extremely luxurious when compared with flying coach. You’ll have a lot more leg room, a private TV to keep you entertained on the long flight, and on some flights a bar to celebrate either a new marriage, or the trip of a lifetime. However you decide to fly, you can rest assured you’ll feel like a million dollars even if it didn’t cost you them.

Whilst You Explore

Of course, you will already be fully aware that Australia and New Zealand are both extremely large places to travel around, and not everything you want to see will be within walking distance. You will need a transfer service from the airport to your accommodation and will need to travel from monument to monument and experience to experience. Continuing in the five-star luxury range – have you considered a chauffeured car for a few of your travels? These are quite popular in Australia, and there are quite a few available to choose from including Lux Cars and Melbourne Star Chauffeured Cars. In New Zealand you have options like Private Driver Hire and ChauffeurNZ – the latter also provides private tour options. If you don’t have the budget to do this for your travel, you may be able to do it for a tour of some of the most prestigious sites that are must-sees for your trip. These will ensure you are able to experience the places you’ve always daydreamed about in ultimate comfort – rather than facing hot (and sweaty) heat of the midday sun and aching feet.


Whilst you are travelling you’re going to need somewhere to rest your weary head at night – please be safe and do not drive whilst tired. You may want to drive until you come across somewhere you want to stay, or for the organisation lovers, you can book in advance. Of course, if you want the ultimate luxury and don’t want to miss out, you will have to be well-prepared and book quite a few months in advance to avoid the dreaded “no vacancies” sign. There are plenty of luxurious places to stay in both Australia and New Zealand, however, here are a few that are renowned for luxury, location, experience, and quality. By no means is this an exhaustive list – but you may want to prioritize a few of these hotels in your budget before you spend elsewhere.  


  • Bamurru Plains

If you are a lover of animals and are really interested in Australia’s wild outback, this is the ultimate accommodation for you. You will be situated by Kakadu National Park, and from the comfort of the newly defined wilderness lodge you’ll be staying in, there will be a chance of spotting some wallabies, wild pigs, water buffalo, dingos, and even crocodiles. Nothing really says Australia like the many wild animals you could come across on your travels – and staying here will situate them right on your doorstep. No need to fear, it is completely safe and luxurious, with private safari suites, delicious meals, and an infinity pool to lounge in.

  • Qualia Great Barrier Reef

With the ability to witness the utter beauty of 360-degree views of the Whitsunday Islands, this world-class hotel with a golf club and spa is the location for a relaxing and luxurious stay. Especially if you want to take your time with your travels and have a few days off of sight-seeing, this hotel has private plunge pools in many of the pavilions, and a chance to be at one with nature with outdoor showers. You could also spend a day or two lounging by either one of their serene pools, or try every single exquisite dish in one of their guest-only bars and restaurants. After all, you worked so hard to save up – why not treat yourself to a bit of a relax?

  • Park Hyatt, Sydney

On arguably the world’s most beautiful harbour, Sydney, lays this gem of accommodation for you. You can stay in a luxury guest room with floor to ceiling windows, and private balconies. You may even be lucky enough (or can request) to have a balcony with a view of the breathtaking Sydney Opera House. However, that being said, there will be nothing quite like the experience of heading to the roof of this accommodation to the outdoor heated pool with surround views of the harbour and the city. Yes, you really can enjoy the sights of Sydney from a sun lounger with a Margherita – now, doesn’t that sound like heaven?

New Zealand

  • Tree Tops Lodge and Estate

For some ultimately stunning sights, you can literally retreat to the renowned virgin forests of New Zealand and be surrounded by 2,500 acres of ancient trees as you hike and trail through the woods, stumbling across waterfalls and hidden glowworm caves. If that isn’t enough for you, you can even take to the skies in a helicopter to see the land known best for The Lord Of The Rings or venture out on a kayaking expedition to see the wonders through the trees whilst floating along a river. There is so much to do here, it may be a nice break from the tourist crowds, and traffic congestion fumes – you can really take a breath of fresh air and be at one with nature for a while – and what beautiful nature it is.

  • Stamford Plaza, Auckland

Quite the opposite to the last accommodation, this hotel will place you right in the heart and soul of the largest city in New Zealand. If you are looking for that happy buzz of commotion that comes from the lifestyle regularly rated as the world’s best, then look no further. Here you’ll find an amazing shopping experience, delicious wine and exquisite food. The hotel is in a location that is 30 minutes away from the rain forest, a vineyard, a black sand beach and a volcano – there really is something nearby for everyone.  

You may be able to afford a few things on this list, or you may not be able to afford any and just be looking for a dream goal to work towards. Either way, Australia and New Zealand have something for everyone, and really should be experienced in a once-in-a-lifetime trip. If you are desperate to go in luxury but can’t quite afford it after years of saving, just remember, a little bit longer will be worth it for potentially the best travel experience of your life.


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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  1. It’s a good thing to know that these two countries have elevated in terms of tourism. Wondering around Australia and New Zealand is a complete package for the adventurer. From mountain to beaches plus these fancy destination, everything is beautiful. As for Australia, WOLGAN VALLEY RESORT & SPA is a great destination too. Anyhow, I’m having a great read.

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