Monthly blog overview: January 2018

January. I kept seeing a lot of tweets about how January was the longest month ever. Err..what? Not for me. You know how they say, time flies when you’re having fun. Well, when you’re a new mum time doesn’t fly but it whizzes past you like one of those super-fast Japanese trains. One minute you’re in Tokyo, the other in Osaka. Speaking of Japan, my best friend moved to China. Yes, she and her husband got a job in China and moved there with their baby girl on the last day of 2017. Luckily, they’ll be back for holidays in the summer. But I already miss her so much 😦

What have I done the past month? Spent time with my baby and blogged. Baby V. is changing all the time. He was born with brown hair and then most of his hair fell out and now he’s blonde. And he’s already so big! And he has the most charming smile ever. I thought a lot about travelling as a family. I follow a lot of excellent family travel blogs but to be honest the very idea of travelling with my baby scares me. However, I do plan to travel with baby V. before he turns 1 for sure but all the logistics…omg! I mean, we’ve already been to two Christmas markets and to a neighbouring town (only half an hour drive so..) but longer trips require more preparation.

I finally finished reading the book I got for my birthday. The World According to Bob by James Bowen is a sequel to his fantastic story as a homeless man who came across a stray cat which changed his life completely. London people, have you ever seen James and Bob at Covent Garden or at Angel tube station? I’ve seen the movie based on the book too. Bob’s so smart!

What have you done in January?

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  1. I am still confused on what month it is….. I keep thinking we are still in January but are well into February…. wow a new baby and have time to blog, shoot I got a new puppy 7 months ago and my poor blog has suffered. 😣 There just ain’t enough minutes in the day, blessings to you and your bundle of joy and travel travel travel. It does wonders for kids. by the way what month is it? lol

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