February’s Wish List


I still have to remind myself that it’s 2018 and it’s already February. So, here’s my February’s Wish List:

SLEEP: A rare commodity for a new mum. The first two weeks were the worst and then somehow my body adjusted to the lack of sleep. But now after three months I still feel tired and wish for more sleep even though baby V. wakes up only once during the night and then again in the early morning. Maybe some of  these unique candles would help me to relax and sleep better.

NEW KITCHEN: My kitchen is pretty outdated and I’d really like to get new kitchen gadgets. However, there are other areas of our flat that need to get done first such as the bathroom so the kitchen will just have to wait.

VALENTINE’S DAY DATE: Both my parents and my husband’s parents live in our town and they’re more than happy to take care of their grandson so we’ll probably manage to have a Valentine’s Day date 🙂 But I still haven’t bought anything for my husband for Valentine’s. He isn’t very demanding when it comes to gifts but since he’s told me not to buy him any board games I am at a loss as to what to give him. But there’s a solution to my problem. At UncommonGoods.com I can use Sunny, their new expert gift guide to find the perfect gift for my husband. I only need to enter his interests and Sunny will show me a selection of items based on my husband’s interests. Isn’t that fantastic? Will you give Sunny a go? Since we have a cat and love all animals I’m glad that UncommonGoods doesn’t sell any products containing leather, feathers or fur. Furthermore, the company’s green credit is also seen in reduction of catalog production and in usage of either recycled paper or paper sourced from FSC certified forests.


TRAVEL DOCUMENT FOR MY BABY: I need to obtain an ID for my son so we can actually go on a trip. This is something I really need to do this month.

What’s on your February’s Wish List?


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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  1. I don’t have a wish list as such but I do need to buy myself some new clothes. I realised this morning that I don’t even know the last time I bought myself any new clothes and that kind of made me sad – even though I hate clothes shopping haha

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