Five Reasons To Add South Africa To Your Bucket List

If visiting Africa is on your bucket list, then the decision as to which country in Africa to visit can be a tricky one. From mountains to beaches, to desert, and safari parks, there is so much choice. But one of the countries that needs to be on your list is South Africa. A country that is full of history, rich in culture, as well as good food and wildlife, is great for everyone. So here are some of the reasons why you should visit South Africa.


Being in a warmer climate that the UK is, pretty much all year round, it means that you get the chance to do more adventurous things should you choose to. Cage diving with sharks or hang gliding off mountains can all be done in various parts of South Africa. Surfing and other water sports are a must too. So if this kind of vacation calls to you, then here South Africa ticks all of the boxes.

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A safari is synonymous with Africa in general, and South Africa is no different. There are several reserves where you can go on a safari, including the famous Kruger National Park as it is one of the biggest in the world. But as well as the chance of seeing ‘the big five’ when it comes to wildlife, you could also see penguins, especially in and around Boulders Beach, Cape Town. So for some wildlife that you would only normally see in a zoo, you can enjoy them in their natural habitat in South Africa.

History and Museums

If history is more of your thing, then going more in-land towards Johannesburg and Bloemfontein will allow you to see the history of the county and explore the museums and historic sites. Bloemfontein is home to the National Museum, Anglo Boer war museum, and an art gallery. So staying locally, somewhere like the BON Hotel Bloemfontein could be a good idea, so that you’re pretty central to see it all. But another city to visit is Johannesburg, where you can visit the Apartheid Museum, Liliesleaf Museum and the country’s Constitutional Court.

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The food in South Africa has some European influence, which is only going to be natural after the colonization times. However, due to its location and the kind of animals that reside there, it means some unique flavours and meats to try. Anything from ostrich to springbok or even trying kudu. It is a place to try some unique places for sure.


With all said above, you can’t forget that there are some of the best beaches to relax on and swim in. Cape Town and Durban are reported to be some of the best seaside cities in the country, with some stunning views, particularly having the Table Mountain National Park as the backdrop.

Have you ever been to South Africa before? It would be great to hear what you think and the best places to visit. What would you recommend? Thanks for stopping by and reading this post.


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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  1. Our favourite country of more than 70 visited! One of our favourite places remain the Drakensberg! We are currently publishing many interesting articles on it to inspire more people to visit this wonderful country and its most kind people 😍

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  2. It was already well up the bucket list but you’ve just given me even more reasons! The safari, more than anything else, is what is drawing me but even aside from Kruger, there are so many other areas within S Africa it seems where people can go on safari and I love the idea of getting in a car and driving along the Garden Route. One day!

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  3. Hi there, I have read some of your blog posts and I absolutely love them. I am currently a field guide in South Africa looking to share my stories with you and others. It would be greatly appreciated if you would take a look at my blog Thanks in advance!

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  4. Thank you for promoting our beautiful country on your blog. South Africa is a land of great contrasts and there are quite a few wonders of nature which are still on my bucket list. We’ve been living on the Southcoast (KwaZulu-Natal) for three years now and I still have to visit a few places of interest which I haven’t got around to yet.

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