Why Indonesia Is The Place For Modern Dreamers

Are you a dreamer like Alice?

You are lying down under the sun, on a sandy beach. In your hand, you hold a refreshing drink that has been poured into a coconut shell. Then you blink, and you’re back to the real world, sitting in front of your laptop and wondering how long you have to wait before lunch. Everybody daydreams, from time to time. But if you find yourself doing it a little more often than others, maybe it’s a sign that you’re trying to avoid some situations that make you nervous or that are not satisfying enough. That’s precisely why a lot of people daydream at school or work because they’re trying to avoid a dull lesson or a boring meeting. Dreamers have a soft spot for alternative realities. It’s how they choose to live their multiple lives, from a romantic day by a lake to a night in a buzzing urban environment. You dream because the world around you is not meeting your expectations. Well, you can stop right now: Indonesia has everything you need to make your wildest dreams come true. Here is why all dreamers need to plan their next holiday in the peaceful and beautiful land of  Indonesia.

Most people travel in their head

Contrary to the common belief, daydreaming is not only a natural behaviour, but it’s also the default mode of the brain when you’re resting. For instance, thinking about what you need to do next after you’ve read this article, is not evidence of daydreaming. But if you find yourself wondering on a beach in the comfort of your mind, without no relation to anything happening around you, well done, you’re in default mode. There’s nothing wrong with daydreaming as it can enhance your creativity and your problem-solving skills. More importantly, daydreaming gives you the ability to travel safely and to fostering feelings of social connection with others. In other words, you choose to travel in your head so that you can be in a nicer place and not feel lonely. When everything around you is designed to bring you back in the moment, daydreaming gives you the power of not being here. What if your travel plans could create the perfect combination of escapism and mindful reality?

Nothing says Romance like Lake Toba

Did you know that a lot of couples book their honeymoon in Indonesia? It’s easy to see why when you discover the magical landscapes of this Southeast Asian country. With over 120 active volcanoes and many inactive, Indonesian landscapes combine the richness of the minerals nourishing the soil, the rocky peaks of the mountains and volcanic plateaus, and the mesmerizing blue of the water. For many, it’s like a fairy tale that came to life. From the natural charm of Komodo Island to the magnificent granite stone formation of Belitung Island, Indonesia offers a dream location for your honeymoon plan, http://traveltriangle.com/blog/places-to-visit-in-indonesia-for-honeymoon/. Admittedly, you don’t need to be on a honeymoon trip to feel the romance emanating from a place like Lake Toba. For all those who dream of happy ever after and of couples walking hand in hand in the sunset, there is no romantic location like this volcanic lake set against picturesque mountains.

Nothing says metropolitan life like Jakarta

If you’ve been dreaming of a town buzzing with activities and yet like no other town, you should embrace the metropolitan diversity of Jakarta. Think of it as a London outside of the UK. Jakarta has all it needs to take your breath away. It’s incredible diversity makes it the perfect melting pot of western and eastern cultures, so that you’ll feel as if you were visiting several countries in one day. There’s a cityscape like you’ve never seen elsewhere, with a combination of tall buildings and green city parks, by which you can even find your next holiday home https://rumahdijual.com/jakarta-barat/apartemen-murah if you happen to fall in love with Jakarta. In the centre, contemporary art meets historical colonial buildings, as smoothly as if they had always been sitting side by side. Diverse in its architecture, food, culture, and landscapes, Jakarta is like a forgotten kingdom in which everybody would live peacefully.

Jakarta at night

Find your inner peace in Java

If the town is too busy for you, you’d love the mindful peacefulness of the Buddhist temples on Java island.

Borobudur temple is not only the largest temple in Indonesia, but it’s also the largest temple in the world. And with over 1,200-year-old, you can imagine that it’s welcomed many visitors who needed to find their inner peace. Its intricate structure is like a forgotten palace, and you may find your feet wandering through the architectural site, hoping to meet a princess or a monk from the past. There’s also a hint of mysticism deeply woven into the fabric of the place, where Buddha, tantric maṇḍala and relief panels guide the visitors to the discovery of their inner peace.

Dream yourself in Indiana Jones’s shoes on top of a volcano

If you need something more active, you may put your fedora hat on and grab your faithful whip for an adventure that would make Indiana Jones himself turn green with envy. You can find tours to climb on top of some of Indonesia’s most stunning volcanoes, https://www.tripzilla.com/indonesia-mountains-climb-views. While you might want to avoid Mount Agung for the moment, as it erupted back in November 2017 and disrupted travel until Christmas, you’ll love the stunning landscape of Mount Batur, which is 1,700 metres tall. It’s a short hike, and you’ll be on top in a couple of hours. For experienced hikers, Mount Kerinci in Sumatra needs up to 3 days and is the highest volcano in Indonesia.

You can meet a real dragon… if you promise to be cautious

Meet a real dragon

Finally, if you want to meet a real-life dragon, you should book a trip to Komodo Island, where the Komodo dragon is a protected species. It may not be as impressive as in Merlin, but this giant lizard is one of the oldest creature known, as it can be traced back to 4 million years ago across Europe and in Australia. Be careful though; these peaceful giants are not known to attack people unless your behaviour is judged threatening. Tread at your own risk!

In short, it’s time to snap out of your daydream and book a dream holiday in Indonesia. Experience an alternative reality.


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. 

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  1. OMG I absolutely love this post! This is so wonderful and so cool to read that daydreaming is our brain’s fallback as I daydream like 24/7 – haha. I’m definitely going to be adding Indonesia to my travel bucket list as I’m all about meeting a real life dragon!
    I really enjoyed exploring your blog by the way. I’m a newbie travel blogger myself as I’m mostly a book reviewer and have recently opened a new section of my blog to include all my travel experiences and tips so yours really has inspired me.
    Anyway, I look forward to more of your posts soon, happy travels! 😀

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