January’s Wish List

I didn’t really make New Year’s resolution list but I still have many wishes for 2018. It might be easier to write them down for each month. So this is my January’s Wish List.

TIME: I need more time. I wish the day could last 48 h instead of just 24 h. Then I could play more with my baby but I could also do other things. Like clean up a bit. Spend more quality time with my husband. See my friends more often. Write. Eat chocolate. And do all the other important things.

SHOES: I recently bought a brightly coloured winter jacket. Now I need some killer shoes to go with it. Maybe one of these wedge heel boots.

SALZBURG: Last year we planned to visit Munich and the Bavarian castles but we decided to cancel our travels plans because of my pregnancy. This year I’m trying to convince my husband to go to Salzburg as a family. But it might be a better idea to travel in the spring so we can spend the entire day out. But how will I change the diapers and breastfeed in public? Nobody said it’s easy to travel with a baby but I hope to do it. And to look great while in Salzburg I might get some new black wedge heel boots.

PICTURE FRAMES: I need to get some nice picture frames so I can display all the cute baby V.’s photos 🙂

What’s on your January’s Wish List?


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.


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7 thoughts

  1. Ahhh my friend, I know exactly the position that you are in. I have been there 5 times over, and I promise you, that it won’t be long and you will have a lot more time for yourself. Can you get a babysitter for 2 hours so you can have a date with your husband? Don’t worry about the house, having an untidy house is the sign of a loved and held baby. And you must sleep when baby sleeps!
    I’m afraid you’re on your own with the boots, I would break my neck! Seriously, but I’m 5’8″ and when I wear heels I feel like an Amazon, so I avoid them… but I definitely think you need to treat yourself! There are many travel sites of parents that travel with children and babies (Agreat one is called “Folow your Sunshine”).. I encourage you to read them. Breastfeeding is accepted more in Europe than the US, but you will get to the point that you can breastfeed and no one will even know! It becomes a 2nd nature art form!! By my 5th child, I could breasteed without anyone knowing. Also… There are many places to change a baby, everywhere you go, the locals have babies. I really hope you make it Salzburg, it would bo so much fun!! Tammy xx

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    1. thanks Tammy. I’ve been reading for some time already several travel blogs written by mums who travel with small children. I need to re-read some of their older posts to understand the logistics of travelling with a baby:))


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