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Trieste, Italy
Trieste, Italy-visited it with my BFF in May 2017

2017 was a rather different year from 2016. That year had a very dramatic and sad beginning but eventually everything was all right again. 2016 was a year of interesting trips though. Among others I went to London after a three years long pause and I went to Stockholm with my husband. There were a bunch of work trips too. On the other hand 2017 was the year that my wish finally came true. I got pregnant and now my baby is 2 months old. He’s an adorable baby and such a joy to be around.

However, apart from a day trip to Trieste, Italy I did not leave the country last year. Instead we explored more our own backyard and attended several interesting cultural events. There was also a lovely babymoon weekend trip. What that meant to this blog was that I blogged less and differently. I published several photo posts and invited other travel bloggers to write a guest post for my blog. I’d like to thank them all for contributing to my blog. Also, I wrote a couple of posts about my pregnancy and my baby. I’ll probably write occasionally about my baby boy V. in the future:)

from Nice, France for my baby V.

Last year I took a course for a tourist guide. It wasn’t easy to attend lectures and go on day trips and to study for the exams while pregnant but I made it and got my licence. Hopefully I will get to use it this summer.

If I look at my blog goals from last year I am half happy because I didn’t fulfill them all. I did open the Instagram account but I didn’t write much about Croatia. I won’t set any goals for this year because if I just keep on blogging I will be happy. It’s difficult to focus on writing while I’m taking care of my baby. Actually I’m writing this on my phone while I’m holding my baby. 🙂

I don’t have any travel plans yet. I have a few ideas but whether they’ll be doable is another thing. Anyway I’ll keep you posted.

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Thank you for following my blog! Your support means a lot to me!:) My little travel blog has grown in numbers during the last year and my social media channels also got new followers/likes. Hope you continue to read my upcoming travel posts (and a few baby posts)!




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  1. I haven’t followed your blog as well as I would have liked toward the end of the year, but I am so happy to hear you achieved some of your goals from 2017. While I know you didn’t achieve all of your goals, I feel you have a wonderful excuse – a beautiful baby boy. Definitely focus on baby first and foremost in 2018, blogging when you can. I always hear parents say that the years go by too fast. 🙂

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