Postcard from Genoa, Italy

Bel paese (meaning beautiful country in Italian) is definitely a great term for Italy. While most of the people visit Venice or FlorenceΒ or Rome, I doubt that many have ventured to historical port city of Genoa. Perhaps you went on a cruise along the Mediterranean and you embarked on your cruise ship in Genoa? But did you roam its gritty streets and have you seen its baroque palaces and lively squares? Did you know that Genoa is the birthplace of Christopher Columbus and that it once was a powerful merchant republic just like Venice? It even shares its flag with England ( St. George’s flag). A part of the old town of Genoa is inscribed on the World Heritage List (UNESCO) which is just another reason you should visit Genoa one day. And no, this isn’t a sponsored post πŸ™‚ I dare you to give Genoa a chance.

the area around the Old Harbour

aquarium in Genoa

the biggest aquarium in Europe

Genoa, Italy

St.Lawrence’s cathedral


the main square Piazza de Ferrari

The natal house of Cristoforo Colombo

Genoa, Italy

Medieval gates of Genoa

a beautiful palace in Via Garibaldi

and you can even find Elvis in Genoa πŸ™‚

Genoa, Italy

These photos were taken in Genoa, Italy in September 2010. Have you ever visited this historical port city?

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