Monthly Blog Overview: June 2017

in Bakar, Croatia

June. It was a rather busy month actually. All the weekends were jam-packed with different activities. There were birthday celebrations, local cultural events and the (re)discovering of my region’s rich history and of course some beach time! Yay!:) First beach time ever with a baby bump! And we found out we’re expecting a baby boy in case you missed this post🙂 We’ve started to sort out the baby’s room too and I received some very cute baby clothes from friends. There’s no tradition of baby shower as such here but once the baby is born all the family & friends usually bring a gift when they first meet the baby (after a month or so). Also, I’ve met my high school friends for our 15th year reunion! Oh gosh! Suddenly I feel very old 🙂

I received a lot of proposals for my guest post invitation so at the moment I can’t accept any new ones. All the guest posts will be published during the summer.

Published posts in June 

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Postcard from Genoa, Italy 

Home (June #Travellinkup)

Blog love

I want to thank everyone who submitted a proposal for a guest post for my blog. I already published two and the rest will be published in July and August. As I said above I can’t accept any new ones now but I might need them again in the autumn after I give birth cause I won’t have time for my blog for a while then. I’ll let you know:)

Have a happy July!



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  1. Nice overview, Tanja – all looking good. Hey, as I type this I’ve just noted you’ve tweeted ABAB’s latest post – thank you! 🙂 I really must get to grips with Twitter! And Facebook. And Pinterest…

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