Home (June #Travellinkup)

my cat Munchkin

Home is where the cat is

Very true, right? At least all the cat owners know this very well. I got a cat named Timmy when I was 15. Then my home was my parents’ home in my hometown. Briefly I considered England my home too but when I got back my cat was furious and ignored me for days. Then, when I moved in with my future husband I decided to convince him to get a cat to make our home a real home. Even though he never had a pet previously, apart from a turtle, he agreed and now our cat Munchkin loves him to death. Not me, him. Injustice! But ginger cats have a mind of their own, as really all cats do.



As every traveller I quickly feel at home in most of the places I visit. As soon as I unpack my suitcase in a hostel/hotel room I feel at home. At least for the duration of the trip that place is my temporary home even though my cat isn’t there. Although my real home is in Croatia I consider England and London my soul home. A place where I feel at ease, a place where I feel I belong, a place where rules are obeyed and where everything stops when you have a cup of tea. Of course, my family and friends make a place truly my home. But  you can feel at home at another place too, can’t you?

view of Rab's towers

Rab, Croatia

Croatia is a stunning country with thousands of islands, gorgeous coastline, historical towns and excellent cuisine but it’s also still a country a lot of people leave in order to live better, to get a better paid job or just to get a job. Because you can’t live off beauty, can you? So, I find it difficult to write about my country and I still haven’t written anything about my hometown. Who knows what’ll the future bring? But one thing is for sure, I’m pregnant and now I have my baby to think about first. I’ll do whatever I can so that my baby has a better future.

Home. Whether it is an adopted home, a birth home or somewhere that felt like it was a second skin – we can’t wait to share you passion.It could be a country, a city, a scent, a view. Or even the special moments that you like to share with visitors. How to link up your post: Just pop your post up over the first week of the month, add it to the link up widget found on Follow Your Sunshine, SilverSpoon London, Adventures of a London Kiwi or on the blog of our lovely guest host Ngaire at Kiwi Footprints from the 1st June.

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