Why we cancelled our Munich trip

recently in Trieste, Italy on a day trip with my best friend:)

So close, no matter how far…the lyrics of Metallica’s song Nothing else matters relate to my wish to visit Germany. I’d really like to go to Munich but somehow there’s always something that gets in the way whether it’s another trip or something completely different. I booked the hotel for Munich finally and planned our Bavarian trip for March. But then I had to change our plans because of two reasons and I’ve decided to postpone our Munich trip for May. The first reason was that I’d have my tourist guide exams in the first week of April just after a few days of our planned trip. The second reason was.. well, it’d be really early to travel in March because.. I’M PREGNANT! 🙂

I’m pregnant 17 weeks now (just over 4 months) and everything’s going well. So why didn’t we take our Munich trip this month? Well, I was still rooting for our trip but my husband was a bit concerned about me & the baby and in the end we decided that it’s better not to travel anywhere during my pregnancy except from an occasional day trip or a weekend away not far from our hometown. Now, I know there are a lot of bloggers who travel during their pregnancy but we decided against it because of money that we’d need (not just for the baby but we’re planning a huge renovation of our flat) and because this pregnancy didn’t come easy to us and simply going on a trip now just isn’t that important. Maybe I’ll tell you our story one day, maybe I won’t. Suffice to say, we’ve waited for years for this baby and we couldn’t be more happier now. 🙂 I’ll continue to travel later… with my husband, as a family, with my best friend, by myself..

ps. spent Sunday in Trieste, Italy recently with my BFF 🙂 had great time! post coming soon 🙂

pps. this’ll still be a travel blog! I’ve got so much to write about 🙂

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