Monthly Blog Overview: May 2017

had a lot of fun on my day trip to Trieste, Italy with my best friend

May. So we didn’t go to Munich, Germany last month. I explained why here and shared with you my big happy news of being pregnant! 🙂 However, I did manage a rather tasty day trip to Trieste, Italy with my best friend ( blogged about it too). What else did I do in May? Attended a few birthdays, played some board games as usually, went on walks, etc. My hometown’s football team won the national championship finally so there was a huge party in the town 🙂 and they’ve won the coup as well so they have two trophies now!

On another note, my mum had a heart surgery. She’s recovering now in hospital. She’s a tough cookie, so I now she’ll be okay, especially after all she’s been through last year.

Also, my heart goes out to all the victims & their families of the recent terrorist attacks in Manchester and London and in other places around the world.

What’s your news? How did you spend May? Any summer plans?

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Blog love

I want to thank you for all your congratulations and wishes after I revealed that I’m pregnant. As I said, I won’t be doing much travelling but there’s still plenty material to write about 🙂 I might even include a pregnancy post or two, I’ll see.

Also, thanks to all the new subscribers and followers:) Don’t forget to check my Instagram account too! (links for all my social media channels are below).

Have a happy June!



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  1. Glad your mom is recovering well following her surgery and that you had a wonderful May. All of the attacks around the world recently have just made me sick. 😦

    On my blog, I nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award. I hope you will accept and play along, but I totally understand if, for whatever reason, you can’t or won’t. <3. I imagine you have a lot on your plate right now with your pregnancy. 🙂

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