Travel as a menu #travellinkup

a dessert in Paris

Quite an interesting topic for this month’s travel linkup: comparing travel to a menu. Now, usually the dessert part of a lunch or dinner is my favourite part of the entire meal and I often choose what I want to eat for dessert before I even choose the main. But I guess most people don’t do that  🙂 So, let’s start at the beginning. What place is your starter? Tough question. Since I mostly just travelled around Europe almost all of those places could be classified as short-haul. I didn’t really do any long-haul flights e.g. going across the Atlantic to the USA or flying to Dubai or visiting China or New Zealand like some other travel bloggers. So, I’d need to divide my destinations into short-haul (starters) and long-haul (main) even when they aren’t that far away from each other. Regarding the dessert part of my meal, oh boy, there are several amazing places that have left a lasting impression on me.

I’d choose Italy as my starter. I’ve travelled extensively around Italy but there are still many places that I haven’t visited such as Sicily or Cinque Terre. If I have to pick a favourite place then it’d be Bologna. I already blogged about it so you can read why I like it so much if you want to. I’ve been to Florence  and Rome and Venice several times but I’d rather spend a relaxing day in Bologna hanging out with the locals than brave the crowds in one of the above places.


The main. Well, there’s only one possible main for me. And that’s London. I could always go back to London (and I have, 11 times so far!). It’s like my favourite meal. I could never get enough of it and it always tastes great. You might wonder now what’s my favourite meal…but I won’t tell you 🙂 What would be the furthest I have ever travelled? If I look at the map and the distance from my hometown to a place, then the furthest place I’ve ever travelled would be Lisbon , Portugal  which is over 2 000 km from my hometown and which was definitely the longest flight I’ve ever took. I absolutely loved Lisbon and I’d love to go back.

the Shard, London
the Shard and the South Bank, London
Lisbon, Portugal

Now, it’s time to finish my meal and choose a dessert. Tough decision. You see, sometimes there are just too many options and I overthink and in the end I choose something not-so-great. Other times I hit the jackpot and have a die-for cake. I adore Austrian cakes and Italian gelato and French patisserie and Belgian waffles and homemade cakes but when it comes to choosing a place that has left an everlasting impression on me… Bruges. I spent a day exploring historical Bruges and fell in love. Just like that. Last year I also left my heart in Gamla Stan (Old Town) of Stockholm . Despite the horrible weather Edinburgh still managed to put a spell on me. And I could always have some tea &cake at one of the quaint tea rooms in one of the many picturesque English countryside towns.

Old Town, Stockholm

So, that’s my perfect meal. Italy as a starter, London as a main and let’s say Bruges as a dessert 🙂

What would your travel menu look like?

If travel was a menu, what would be your starter (short-haul), main (long haul) and/or dessert (a place with a lasting impression). These could be past, present or future travels. Have fun with the topic… Just pop your post up over the first week of the month (the 1st – 7th May 2017), add it to the link up widget found below on Follow Your Sunshine, Adventures of a London Kiwi, SilverSpoon London, or on the blog of our lovely guest host Binny at Binny’s Kitchen and Travel Diaries from the 1st.  

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  1. Hmmm… Stockholm would probably be a starter for me living in Scandinavia, or maybe a fika break for sure! My main for a dream course might be Japan. Then dessert could be Vietnam?!? Off the top of my head… fun thinking about it. Bruges is truly lovely. Thanks for your fun list! #FarawayFiles, Erin

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  2. Great choices, Tanja. It’s always interesting reading which countries exert that pull that makes you want to revisit again and again. Thanks for sharing on #FarawayFiles

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  3. I am sooooo with you on the dessert comment! I always want to choose that first so I can ensure I have enough room left to eat at all at the end of the meal. You can force yourself not to fill up on rolls if there’s an amazing cheesecake in the near future x

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  4. awww I love gamla stan! my favourite place in the whole of Stockholm, I just wrote my post last night and reading yours has put serious doubt in my mind… choosing destinations is just too hard!?!?! :S

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