Throwback Thursday Photo: London 2016

City of London

Exactly a year ago I visited London. It wasn’t my first visit nor it would be my last. On 11th of May 2016 I visited London for the 11th time! And it was the first time that I actually spent several days in London on my own. Previously, I’ve been to London with my best friend and occasionally on my own for a day trip but this was the first time that I got to spend  3 full days roaming the streets of London just by myself. And it was great!:) I blogged quite a bit about it so I’m just going to remind myself (and you, dear readers ) of some of the highlights of that trip.

So what did I do? Plenty. On Day 1 I hugged the Paddington bear at the Paddington station before admiring London from the Sky Garden (for free!) and visiting the Museum of London. Then I continued walking all the way to the Trafalgar square, just stopping by briefly to buy some tea at Twining’s shop across the Royal Courts of Justice. On Day 2 I said hello to an old friend (Big Ben) and then looked down on the Thames from the walkaway of the Tower Bridge. Afterwards I did some shopping and relaxed at Hyde Park before I tried to rob the Bank of England. Just kidding, I went to the Bank of England Museum 🙂 . I started Day 3 pretending to be in a Harry Potter movie by taking my picture at 9 3/4 platform at King’s Cross station before going to lovely Hampstead where I spent the whole day just walking (and meeting a few celebrities) and finally visiting the lovely Kenwood house. In the evenings I explored Paddington area and went back to Bayswater where I stayed on my first trip to London. This short recount of my last year’s London trip cannot depict all the fun I had in London. I need to go back…

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  1. If you spend a day just walking around London, it’s a day well spent in my book. There is just so much to see. A really lovely city 🙂

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  2. I remember your post on Hampstead well! Didn’t you run into Emma Thompson? Sounds as though you really made the most of your time here.

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  3. What fun! We spent a week in London last fall and loved every day. Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, Bletchley Park, the Churchill War Rooms, St. Paul’s, Les Mis — so many highlights. Thanks for sharing about your time in London on your own — sounds so fun!

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