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Throwback Thursday Photo: Madrid

Madrid, Spain, 2010

I miss my best friend who’s moved to China so I’m posting this in memory of our crazy trip to Madrid for New Year’s all those years ago. We had a blast! All our trips together were incredible adventures. The ones you can only share with a best friend:)


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Throwback Thursday Photo: Stockholm 2016

Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Stockholm, April 2016

These pretty houses are in the Old Town (Gamla Stan) of Stockholm. It was a cold April day when we explored cobbled alleys of beautiful Gamla Stan. I’m just sorry that I couldn’t convince my husband to do a boat tour of Stockholm’s canals but perhaps it really was a bit too cold for that (it even snowed for a while the next day!). We walked a lot, visited a couple of museums (including the magnificent Vasa museum) and had expensive meals not because we went to some fine dining restaurants but because Stockholm is pretty expensive. Nevertheless, I fell in love with Stockholm. It needs to be visited again:) To read more about my last year’s weekend trip to Stockholm check here and here.


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Throwback Thursday Photo:Oslo

Oslo City Hall

City Hall, Oslo, 2014

It was such a cool weekend trip (in more ways than one). I need that Oslo’s coolness now to help me survive this incessant heat. Oslo’s city center is quite compact and walkable even though the city itself spans across 40 islands too. I liked very much the bricked City Hall and the modern Opera house. We’ve also explored a few museums but my favourite by far was the Viking museum with the Vikings’ ships. To read more about my Oslo adventures in 2014 check out my old posts here, here and here.


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Throwback Thursday Photo: London 2016

City of London

Exactly a year ago I visited London. It wasn’t my first visit nor it would be my last. On 11th of May 2016 I visited London for the 11th time! And it was the first time that I actually spent several days in London on my own. Previously, I’ve been to London with my best friend and occasionally on my own for a day trip but this was the first time that I got to spend  3 full days roaming the streets of London just by myself. And it was great!:) I blogged quite a bit about it so I’m just going to remind myself (and you, dear readers ) of some of the highlights of that trip.

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