Monthly blog overview: July 2017

July. It was a bit slower paced month than June. Some beach time, a lot of ice-cream and of course my husband’s 34 birthday! Also, we got a rather surprising gift from some gaming friends, not that the gift was a surprise but the occasion, to be honest we still don’t know why we got it! Was it a birthday gift or a baby gift or just a gift..Anyway, it was a board game Key to the city-London! My two favourite things in one: board games & London!:) Furthermore, the baby’s room is finally done (painted in a lovely shade of blue). I’m all right, just the heat is sometimes overbearing but I can manage it. Two more months to go before the arrival of our little traveller 🙂 After a long time I wrote another London post which made me very happy. I’m always happy when I think of London 🙂

Published posts in July

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Top July posts

Pregnancy update: It’s a boy!

5 best FREE views in London

Blog love

I’ve been reading lately a new mummy’s blog called Mum Life.It’s very good, check it out!:) As always, I’m grateful for new subscribers and followers. My blog will be 2 years old at the end of this month! So there’ll be a special anniversary post 🙂 If you need some lovely photos of Croatia in your life check my Instagram account;)

Have a happy August!




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  1. I’m glad you had the chance to get some beach time in before your little nugget arrives. I know you must be so excited now that you only have two months left! This pregnancy is going by so quickly!

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  2. What a lovely thoughtful gift from your friends Tanja! Get plenty of sleep these next couple of months & good luck for the rest of your pregnancy!

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