Guest Post: An invitation to explore Mauritius

First of all thank you Tanja, for having me as a guest on your blog! I am Julz, a Danish girl and blogger on WanderingExpatFamily. I have been expat most of my life, love to discover the world and that’s what I write about!

An invitation to explore Mauritius

Because of my husband’s work we tend to move every 2-3 years. A nomadic life comes for me with many upsides, a few downsides, but the biggest perk of all is that we have lived in many different countries, from Europe to Asia, via the Middle East. To Africa, kind of. For 18 months now, we have put our luggage down on the beautiful island of Mauritius. A small island state in the south western corner of the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Madagascar. Mauritius is best known as a luxurious honeymoon destination: beautiful beaches, romantic sunsets, turquoise lagoons, fabulous spas and warm weather year around. and all that is true. But our little island has so much more to offer.

View from the Infinity Pool @ the Long Beach Hotel, 5***** Hotel in Belle Mare, Mauritius

We have beautiful mountains, not as high as on Reunion Island, our closest neighbour, but still; in the south of the island, for example there is the iconic Le Morne Braband, the mountain where runaway slaves would hide and formed settlements in the caves. In the centre of the island the beautiful Peter Both, recognizable by it’s funny looking rock formation on the top, is a challenging hike or Le Pouce (the thumb), named so because of it’s shape, is a beautiful family climb.

View of the Moka Range (Le Pouce on the Left, Pieter Both on the far right)

We have great parks and nature reserves for family fun! We have Creole houses, Chinese Pagodas, Indian temples and other museums, for those in need of a cultural fix. We have fabulous street food and fine dining options, for the foodies out there.

Chateau La Bourdonnais, One of the old Creole House and also a great dining spot with theirTable du Chateau

Actually Mauritius has a nickname – like Rome, Paris or New York. Mauritius’s nickname is Paradise Island. Mark Twain visited our island in 1896 and wrote in his Following the Equator, a very famous sentence: “Mauritius was made first and then heaven; and heaven was copied after Mauritius”. Well, it seems that some things never change. Mauritius will charm and enchant all visitors.

So how to get here? To my little paradise… It’s a 12 hour direct flight from London or Paris (Air Mauritius is our national airline that has just celebrated their 50th anniversary and are getting brand new airbus A350 at the end of the year – Air France, British Airways and Thomson also flies) with stop-overs you can fly with Emirates, Turkish Airlines or Air Seychelles. We are 5 hours from Cape Town and 7 hours from Singapore!

Julz @ WanderingExpatFamily





Thanks again to Julz for this wonderful post about Mauritius. 

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  1. Beautiful post on traveling Mauritius explained well with beautiful pics of the places
    The post has best places for the family as well as the couples, so this is beneficial for both the category.
    Really a good explanation regarding the place.

    Hope you carry on with such beautiful blogs on travel in future.

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    1. I feel very privileged to travel and live in all these places. The thing I like the most about it, is sharing it with my kiddos – I feel it is the best thing I can give them.


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