Meet my baby V.

Hello World!

I am baby V.  I am a boy. At least that’s what they’ve told me. I don’t know yet what’s a boy but I’ll find out. I won’t disclose my full name because my daddy S.  doesn’t want that. He’s concerned about my privacy so he doesn’t want to see my adorable photos plastered all over the Internet.

I was born on 4th November during a full moon. My mummy and daddy waited for me for so long so I just figured I could keep them waiting for a bit more and I passed my due date. But I had a very good reason for that. As it turned out I was the only baby that night on the maternity ward so I had the full attention of the entire staff. They were very kind and helpful to my mummy. Of course, I helped her too 🙂 She wanted to have a natural birth so it took a long, long time but she made it through. And there I was, finally in her arms. To be honest, those first minutes in the outside world weren’t as fun as those comfy 9 months in my mummy’s belly. Some people were measuring me while I was naked (how rude of them) so I was very happy when they put me in my mummy’s warm embrace. And then I ate. What a strange feeling! But a good one. Oh, I forgot to tell you how big I am. I weighed 3.72 kg when I was born and I am 54 cm long.

my baby boy 🙂

After two days at the hospital they let us go home. I was brought into my lovely blue room and went to sleep immediately. My mummy and daddy take great care of me. After all, I’m really not that demanding. All I want to do is eat and sleep and cry. No matter the time of day or night. Of course, I like to be clean too so I make them change my diapers often. There’s someone else at the house too. I can’t really see him properly yet but I’ve heard him. He makes similar sounds like I do. My parents  told me it’s a cat. I’ll have to take their word for it. I don’t know yet what’s a cat but it sounds like something fun.

My parents took me for a walk outside (well, I was in a pram). I don’t remember much of the outside world because I was fast asleep. But there’s plenty of time for me to explore the outside world. And travel. My mummy whispered some travel plans into my ear but I forgot them….

 I’m soooooo sleepy… I must go… bye, bye….

ps. This is my 200th post since I launched this blog more than two years ago 🙂




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