Meet my baby girl L.

She’s here. My baby girl L.

She was born on 10th of September. After 9 months and past her due date she decided to make a surprise appearance (will she always be fashionably late? Quite unlike her mum). I was supposed to be induced in a couple of days because I was practically 41 weeks pregnant and they don’t like it when the pregnancy lasts longer even if everything is all right. But suddenly I felt strong pain in my back and thought to myself this might be it, the start of something after all. Even though I had given birth once before I wasn’t sure that I had contractions until they were quite forceful and just minutes apart. We went to the hospital and after just 2 hours of intense, natural labour my baby girl opened her eyes for the first time in our world.

When I saw my baby girl I thought how tiny she is… She was 49cm long and weighed 3150g at birth. Much smaller than her big brother (not even a 2 year old yet). Was that already the beginning of a lifetime of comparisons? I hope not.

only 10 days old in this photo, my sweet baby girl

During this pregnancy I wondered how I’d feel when I see my baby, my second baby. I felt like I neglected her during my pregnancy because I focused on her brother, a very active toddler. But as soon as she was in my arms I felt love. To be honest, holding my baby boy for the first time felt rather surreal but this time it felt natural.

My baby girl is a sweet, calm baby. She sleeps a lot and she doesn’t cry much. She eats well. I nurse her. Even though she physically resembles her older brother a lot (at least at this stage) she is her own person already. I wonder what she’d be like. I hope she grows up to be a strong, independent woman. I’ll do my best to make sure she does.

For the time being she is happy to be in her parents’arms. Her older brother needs some more time to get used to the idea that he is no longer an only child. But our love is enough for both of them.

Dream big, my baby girl!


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